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So That's Where Those Got To...

Hey, will you look at that... *cough* I, uh, just located the stash where all my old Caliban* prints were hiding. Go figure. (Cleaning out the Con Print Box sometimes yields some treasures.)

I've moved away from the furry pin-up thing long since, but I hate to just trash the prints--there's a fair number of 'em, including a couple of LEs. Many of them were deeply mediocre, the print quality on some I'm not thrilled by, since these were the days before I had a jumbo Epson, but a few had some merit, and a lot of 'em were solid prints. (One or two I still sell regularly, but most of 'em are a definite niche market.) I'm thinking of offering a sale or something, just to clean these suckers out--would anybody be interested in 3 for $10 (Maybe pick 2, I'll toss in a random third, or something like that?) If there's any interest, I'll post the list with links. I hate to just trash 'em, but they're taking up valuable real estate that I need back!

Come to think of it, I've got a fair number of old prints from years back that are in the same boat...decent, but rarely sell at Cons (half the time because I don't have book space to put them out, so they're languishing in a folder to fill in empties. Would anybody be interested in a 4 prints for $10 grab-bag? I could offer adult and non-adult versions...I just want to get rid of this stuff, and I feel like the prints deserve a last stab at sales before I relegate them to the trash heap!

Thoughts welcome.

*For those just joining us, Caliban was a pen name I was doing (fairly tame) furry cheesecake under, for a brief stint probably five or six years ago, mostly to satisfy my own depraved curiosity as to whether sex really DOES sell. (For me, it did, up to $100. After that, people want something to hang in the living room.) A great many people knew it was me, both because I wasn't terribly secretive, and because, as somebody pointed out, no one else would do a naked mole rat pin-up**...

**No, it never sells.

...ME! ME! 4 prints for $10 grab bag? I'll bug ze spouse about getting some more spending money in my PayPal account. (Also, I am at least morbidly interested in seeing a naked mole rat pin-up. And if you market it to the Kim Possible pervs[*], it might sell well after all!)

[* Having written Kim/Shego, if admittedly non-graphically, I class myself in this category.]

Naked Mole Rats? I lurve da naked mole rats! Can I see? :D

YES! *makes grabby hands*

Naked mole rat pin-ups?

*Please* post a picture!

... naked mole rat pinup?

Oh, come on, you can't *not* post that, at this point. My Train Wreck Syndrome demands it!

Grab bags are a wonderful idea! Sign me up!

I would love an art print grab bag, I adore your work!

I'd be interested in both. The flat is going to feel really empty and depressing now, and more art on the walls would help brighten it.

I'd be interested in that. it's all about naked mole rat pinups.

Oh, Oh! Me! I'll take anything!

(Mainly because I just like everything although I do like somethings more than others.)

That's a big "hell yes!" from my corner as well!