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Grab Bag Sale!

Okay! Here's what I'm thinkin'...

All grab bags will be $5 shipping in the US, a bit more international--send me your country, I'll send you the quote!

Adult is...not all that adult. Cheesecake, basically. Whenever I try to paint anything raunchy, I start giggling uncontrollably.

Adult Grab Bag #1 -- Pick one, get three!
Pick any regular sized Caliban print, get two more random ones, for $10!

Adult Grab Bag #2 -- Four, limited!
Four random prints, mostly Calibans, one of which will be a limited edition, for $10

All-Ages Grab Bag - aka the "I suspect I have overestimated the popularity of water buffalo" pack
Four random prints of clean (mostly older Ursula & some Caliban) art, containing no nudity and minimal sanity, for $10. May or may not actually contain water buffalo. (It's like Schroedinger's Water Buffalo!)

Okay...now I have limited quantities of stuff I'm trying to move here, so I'm going to start small--I know I can do a dozen. (And if you wish to post anonymously, that's totally cool, just e-mail me to say you're the Anonymous poster X) Being fond of fairness, and not in a huge hurry on this one, I will use the random number generator again--post, and a randomly selected twelve people get the grab bag of their choice. After that, I'll see what I've got left, and keep workin' through the list until I'm out of backstock.

Number generation will take place, and all orders will be assembled and shipped, after I return from HeroesCon, on Monday.

You can see the full range of Caliban art here. It's all old and much of it makes me cringe for my lack of skills, so my deepest apologies in advance.

(Also, that original of the Chupacabra pin-up (which pre-dates Chu, oddly enough) is still kicking around my studio, if anybody's interested.)

I'm interested in ... erm ... OK the All Ages Grab Bag.

But if you have any of the Adult Grab Bags going at the end of the selling I'll be quite happy to buy one of those too.

Erm, I'm in the UK. My email addy is ngaio at onetel dot com. Hello.

One for the Adult Grab Bag #1: The antlered doe or a fox of some kind as the regular.
One for the All-Ages Grab Bag.

I can get you PayPal by tonight, when I bug my spouse to do a money transfer. O:>

*grin* Well, I won't know who's gettin' the bags until I crunch the numbers Monday, so no need to rush! But thank you!

Can I get an Adult Grab Bag #1? With the Shunga bunny?

Hey, I'd love an Adult Grab Bag #2. I'm also in the UK :)

Ah, being fickle can I change my mind to an Adult Grab Bag #1 (should luck be on my side). The Shunga bunny is just so pretty :)

One All-Ages Grab Bag, if possible.

I'm also in the UK and the email's elz_russell at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Oooh, I'd like to snag one of those Adult #1 sets. With the Gila monster girl.

Adult grab bag #2 for me, please!

I'll drop my name in for an All Ages. phreid9 at gmail dot com.

I would love an all-ages grab bag, if still available.
I'm in the US and my email is jenn.strobel@gmail.com.

Adult #2 or all-ages grab bag, whichever you have more of. I'm in Finland.

And I swear I'm not an idiot. schrodingers_dragon at yahoo dot com.

Mark me down for an Adult Grab Bag #2!

WooHoo! I'll put my hat in for any one of thse, leaning heavily to the Adult Grab Bags. *prays for the gods of randomness to bless him...for once*

If I can, I'd love an Adult Grab Bag #1, with a Nearly Naked Mole Rat?

I am deeply worried that I am missing something here and have messed up. But.

*grin* Nope, you haven't messed up! Just hang tight until Monday, and I'll use the random number thingy to figure out who gets first crack at the grab bags.

Put me on the list for an all-ages! USA here, midnightvoyager@gmail.com

Adult Grab-Bag #2 (i don't mind letting you pick ;) ) if any left, if not, All Ages Grab Bag.

...never occurred to me to post anonymously. heh. i have no shame, it seems. ;)

Let me know if i'm picked & i can paypal you as well. ^_^

(oh, & i'm right over here in Durham! *waves*)