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Grab Bag Drawing!

Okay, gang, here's the names for the first dozen grab bags! If your name's on the list, contact me at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com to claim your grab bag!

If your name's not on the list, don't despair! I'll probably have some extra prints and pull a few more names from the sign-up--this is just to start off.






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Psst...something's wrong with your code.

And I have no idea what. I think it's mostly fixed-ish.

Aw, I didn't win. :(

Still, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Incidentally, Ursula, I was at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday, and they have a new exhibit that I think you'd enjoy. It's a mythical creatures exhibit, with Ahuizotl statuettes and chupacabra action figures. Naturally I thought of you. I doubt you'll have the chance to swing by New York between moving and bladder infections, but I thought I'd mention it.

chupacabra action figures

Want. One.

Must... go... there... NOW!

W00t! ^_^ I never win stuff. Awesome.

Well, now that you've won something, you don't get to say that anymore.

Unless you're using hyperbole, but then most exaggerations are excusable in that case.

Mostly hyperbole, I won that contest in second grade, and a free drink from a bottlecap. (Is it still a bottlecap if it's one of the modern, plastic ones?)

I'd say so, mostly on the evidence that I can't think of something else to call it.

Wikipedia agrees, but take that with the recommended grain of salt. (Does that refer to one crystal of table salt, or the imperial unit of mass?)

Caloo Calay, he chortled in his glee!

And it REALLY hurts when you chortle in your glee. A friend of mine chortled in his glee once and had to go to the ER. He had emergency surgery but they couldn't save it and had to remove his glee. They also gave him medicine to clear up the chortling, too.

Aw, didn't win. Oh well. What are the chances of buying one particular Caliban print?

*grin* Very good! You just gotta e-mail me, and they're like all the others...


XD Ah well. Better luck next time, I hope!

Hm? How does this grab-bag thing work, exactly? And how do I get on the list? I don't recall seeing it mentioned anywhere in the last couple posts, so...

Hm. Other random question: about how long does it take a Digger book to ship? I'm considering buying one as my birthday presents from me to me. I've certainly described you as 'One of those artists that deserves my money' long enough, I should put action to word!

If you go down four or five posts, should be there!

I don't know how long it takes to ship a Digger book, Sofawolf handles all that, but they're generally fairly speedy--I'd contact them and ask!

They send it Priority mail, so no more than 3 days unless you live in Chicago, where mail gets eaten.

Mine made it to Boston 2 days after clicking the purchase button.

Yay! Thanks muchly - have emailed

I'm here doing the "Digger is back" Happy Dance :)

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