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(no subject)

Last of my sepiatone amusements from the trip!

Meanwhile, still getting book shipping quotes out, working on Digger, working on Nurk illustrations, and generally working.

I have two weeks to get all my art done for the Anthrocon art show. I have three medium pieces, and that's it. No big complicated ones, no small ones, no nuthin'. It'll be a busy two weeks.

I'd be scared, but I've been here so many times before that the edge is starting to wear off...

March Hare and Dormouse

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. . . how much would the original be?

*grin* Well, what I usually do with these is have the pre-con price and the post-con price. The pre-con price would be $85, unless I get a sudden flood of interest and have to send it to auction. Post-con would be less, but there's a good chance it'll sell at the con, so it's a crap shoot.

If you're interested, drop me a line!

The price is entirely reasonable. I can't justify it right now. Even if that mouse IS the cutest thing ever.

But I may check to see if it sold...

Looks sorta like my pet black lop-eared, Two Bean Bags.

Wow! That's an amazingly lively dormouse! Are you sure they're not drinking green tea?

in response to your DA description: I dunno, the hare has a pretty creepy little smile...

Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought that. It's kinda like..."Whoah, is he gonna EAT the mouse?"

(Deleted comment)
*grin* I just make 'em pay MORE before the con! I'm willing to panic a bit more for money...

I thought about going creepy with it, but going creepy with Alice in Wonderland is like shooting comatose fish in a barrel

ahm... do you know that game?

it has the best creepy cheshire cat ever. i don't know about the march hare, but i think he is in there somewhere, too. and it worked!

That's cool enough to bid on at auction, she said, encouraging your pre-con panic, but in hopes of getting her hands on another Ursula original. :)

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