UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

The first round of auctions for unfinished art have ended, and wow! Thank you so much, guys! You rock! (Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am?)

Here's another five. These'll probably be the last before Anthrocon, but I'll have more when I get back, including some of the bigger stuff that's hard to scan.

Unfinished Angry Kiwi
Unfinished Crone with Pear
Unfinished Goblin Warlock
Hamster Sketch
Unfinished Woman with Puppet Napoleon

One nice thing about digging up all this unfinished art--I've actually found at least one piece from last year that I may go ahead and take a stab at actually finishing. It was nearly done, it was looking good, I just ran out of steam...but the panic of Anthrocon may yet inspire me!
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