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I took a walk around the lake today, and while I was sitting on the tumbled down boardwalk down one of the side paths, a buck came picking his way out across the stream about ten yards away. He definitely knew I was there, and kept eyeing me suspiciously, but I practiced my not-breathing, and he didn't bolt. (I had to wait until he turned around to nip his shoulder to scratch my nose, though.) He wandered around in the water for a good minute or two. He kept flicking his tail and dropping his head--I assume flies were bothering him, but it's hard to say.

It was sort of surprising to see one out at mid-afternoon on a warm day, but very cool.

In other news, my hair is now a merlot color, with auburn bangs, deeply unnatural but a lot of fun. I haven't felt this punk since I dyed a purple strip in my hair at age fourteen. (The bottle promised that it would be out in three washings. I graduated from high school with the remains still there.)

I am nearly ready for Anthrocon, or else I have simply ground to a halt from pure exhaustion. It's pretty much the same thing.

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And by it I mean the hair, although I'm sure the buck was cool too.

Enjoy that wildlife cause after the move I fear it might be a bit less available. :)

Wildlife attitudes really, really depend on what the humans in the area are used to doing to them. I grew up in Nevada County, CA, which is hunting country, and couldn't get within a hundred yards of a deer without it bolting. Then I went off to college in Santa Cruz, and was rather surprised when you could practically run up and tackle one without any serious problems. In fact, I might have done that if there'd been anyone with a camera handy to document the occasion.

I think I speak for a large segment of the readership when I say that a picture of the new hair color would be appreciated. If we knew what you looked like, we'd be more likely to accost you in the street to demand autographs, or buy you drinks and such at pubs or coffee shops.

Why do you think she DOESN'T post her picture ( although there WAS one picture of her on the internet at one time.)

Oh. I didn't realize free drinks offended.

It's not so much the drinks as the fact that some of her fans are scary, scary obsessive.

I'm sure there's a story there... Care to tell it, or link to where it's told?

We have a lake I go to here in Nashville, TN. to bird. It is in Long Hunter State Park, and is called Couchville Lake. It is a treasure trove of wildlife, including White-Tailed Deer. Here is a picture of one of the Devil-Deer I took last May at the lake.

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I dyed a blue streak in my hair in December of my senior year. It, too, was supposed to wash out quickly -- I think it was a few weeks.

I went to prom with blue hair.

Back when I was in High School, Humans hadn't evolved hair yet. We had scales or pebbly skin. I was one of the first humans to have hair-like growth; essentially, it was feathers. I was a purdy thing, all green and yellow striped all over, like a tiger. I had green eyes with red slit pupils, like a cat. And when I was angry or excited, the crest on top of my head would raise, like a mohawk, and my throat would swell out and inflate a bright red, like the Howler Monkeys do today. Ahhh, those were the days!

Now that sounds more like how I remember high school, and that wasn't even 10 years ago...

I think you were in my third period Math class.

Officially Jealous. ;D

My purple lasted all of a week. :(
How did you get yours to stick, and do you know whether the brand is still in production?

Re: Officially Jealous. ;D

Well, it turned red-orange, so it wasn't like it was purple the whole time...

~grin~ Magical colour-changing dye. There was apparently enough blue in the stuff I used to turn my bleached-blonde strands silver for a few days once the purple started to fade from the roots. This technicolour hair thing, it's not for perfectionists. ;D

Cooool. Last time I got near to a deer was at the old house. I came around the garage corner to check on the plum tree and BAM. Face of Doe. Like 3 feet away from my head with a plum half hanging out of her mouth.

It took a good 30 seconds before she bolted and I went "BLEEEDEER!" and then ran for it.

Barred Owls are notorious for switch-hitting and becoming diurnal at times. Even Great-Horned Owls do so.

"Pssst! Look out for Barrey, he's DI! Q.Q

actually, the tail flicking and head dropping probably was him signalling to the other deer. It's been my experience that you only one out of every 6 or 7 deer. He was probably saying something like "There's one of those two legged animals out here, but it's cool."

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