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(no subject)

I took a walk around the lake today, and while I was sitting on the tumbled down boardwalk down one of the side paths, a buck came picking his way out across the stream about ten yards away. He definitely knew I was there, and kept eyeing me suspiciously, but I practiced my not-breathing, and he didn't bolt. (I had to wait until he turned around to nip his shoulder to scratch my nose, though.) He wandered around in the water for a good minute or two. He kept flicking his tail and dropping his head--I assume flies were bothering him, but it's hard to say.

It was sort of surprising to see one out at mid-afternoon on a warm day, but very cool.

In other news, my hair is now a merlot color, with auburn bangs, deeply unnatural but a lot of fun. I haven't felt this punk since I dyed a purple strip in my hair at age fourteen. (The bottle promised that it would be out in three washings. I graduated from high school with the remains still there.)

I am nearly ready for Anthrocon, or else I have simply ground to a halt from pure exhaustion. It's pretty much the same thing.

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Back when I was in High School, Humans hadn't evolved hair yet. We had scales or pebbly skin. I was one of the first humans to have hair-like growth; essentially, it was feathers. I was a purdy thing, all green and yellow striped all over, like a tiger. I had green eyes with red slit pupils, like a cat. And when I was angry or excited, the crest on top of my head would raise, like a mohawk, and my throat would swell out and inflate a bright red, like the Howler Monkeys do today. Ahhh, those were the days!

Now that sounds more like how I remember high school, and that wasn't even 10 years ago...

I think you were in my third period Math class.

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