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Yes, it's more about fanfic...

I am going to guess that not more than a handful of people on the planet would be amused by Bleach fanfic written in a deadpan parody the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's sort of like a Venn diagram with a very, very small overlap.

I am also going to guess that a surprising percentage of that miniscule overlap reads my blog.

People were asking me for fanfic recommendations awhile back, and while there is very little out there that I would willingly subject another human being to--or, more importantly, admit to having read myself in a public forum--I will admit that at several points during this one, I actually howled.

The Case of the Thirteen Captains

The author had some very entertaining other stuff as well.

So there. Don't say I never gave ya nuthin' on the fan-fic front...

And for this fic rec I will bow down and kiss your toes, or I would, except for the fact that I'm currently dead of laughter.


Indeed so there! Whipped by Ursula, by giving us the least probable fanfic we would ever read and still stand up to her end of the bargain!

I was about to say that if you were reading Bleach fanfic that you should check out incandescens but then I realized that the fic you were linking to was one of hers.

By which I mean AWESOME. :D

(And yes, I do believe a surprising percentage of that overlap reads your blog. Although I think you'll find that while that overlap is indeed small, it is less small than you would think...)

You know, I've never read Bleach (although amazingly enough I think I have heard of it), so I had no reference for the characters, and that didn't matter in the least. That was absolutely, positively hysterical. I am a huge Arthur Conan Doyle fan and that fic got his style perfectly. (I'm also totally ripping the line "he raised himself from a recumbent position to a semi-recumbent one" and using it in some story I'll write within the next, oh, seven years or so.)

Thanks for the recommendation! Twas well worth it. ^_^

I'm pretty much with ennepirate; I've never read bleach but I love the Sherlock Holmes stories, and this fanfic is fantastic.

"Good god!" I cried. "This is appalling! Could it be some allergy?"

"I fear not," Captain Ukitake answered. "He has eaten my pickled plums many times before, but never with such alarming results."


Oh my. -giggles, stops, looks appalled- I did not just giggle, did I?

Ahem, in any case, very well executed, wot.

Having read both Bleach and a good deal of Sherlock Holmes, I have to say that this was GREAT.

Hitsugaya propped in the umbrella stand. Hahahaha.

It's sort of like a Venn diagram with a very, very small overlap.

I get that a lot with fanfic. Especially with plot ideas. "Gee... aw man, wouldn't it be great if... oh, this is so great! What if Han Solo got stuck on Firefly and then they found all the Ewoks had been replaced by Teletubbies!"

I believe the sad thing about that is I really would think that would be cool, up until the Teletubbies part.

Heck, I'd read it. Well, hopefully without the teletubbies. And I don't even know Firefly fandom!

*reads post, says Oooh!*

*reads Bleach/CD pastiche, giggles a lot*

*promptly visits incandescens' lj to tell her to go read this fic Ursula Vernon found because it's just exactly her sort of thing*

*looks very, very, very embarrassed*

(also hopes this does not post 3 times because LJ is having database woes)

I appreciate the thought. ;)

That was fantastic, I will now be passing it on to everyone I know that has watched any Bleach, and possibly random strangers in the street that don't run away fast enough. :)

Oh, and because I don't think I've posted before, thanks for many years of great art and general coolness.

-- Brett

I'm delighted that you like it. I love your art, so to have you enjoy my stuff is most flattering! Thank you!

*grin* Man, small world, eh? Thank YOU. I laughed like a drunken weasel.

I'm just going to say, I think that Vinn overlap is a bit larger than you assume -- reading and anime are two activities commonly undertaken by geeky types.

On the other hand, I *am* reading your blog, so it's possible I'm just one of the people in that tiny overlap with an overinflated sense of normalcy.

Okay, people. Spread out - scour the Bleach section for anything containing wombats ...

*scoff* I assure you, I would cover my tracks marginally better than THAT.


I did not think it was hilariously funny but it was enjoyable to me, who has not seen Bleach. I think it failed to push my funny-buttons: I could see why it would be funny but I just didn't, y'know, giggle. And yes, I have read Sherlock Holmes, but perhaps not frequently or recently enough.

So it is at least enjoyable by people who fall outside that Venn intersection :)

(Deleted comment)
Firefly!? GASP! *runs off to read*