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(no subject)

Wow, there's wireless in them thar hills!

Staying with my folks for a day or two up in the wilds of PA, before Anthrocon. And there's a wireless network in range! Woot!

I have nothing exciting to say other than that. If you're around for Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this weekend, swing by the table, say hi!

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I wish I was going! But next year, I will. Have a good time, good luck with sales!

Yeah, Pennsylvania west of Philadelphia is practically civilised these days!

I hate that I just can't afford to go to AC, when it's so close to Delaware, and when there are so many v. cool people there, but alas... no cash, no con!

Have a swell time!

Enjoy home, and enjoy con!

I would LOVE to, but, alas, I cannot leave Tennessee even though I have played, Kaninchen, the oldest living rabbit in Furn, on Furcadia for the last 4 years.

I joined Furc like, 6 years ago. Don't play much these days. Have an equine named Tarani.

My equine is an Eohippus chef/waiter named, D'ourves, (Hors D'ourves). I also have an albino mouse named Thornius Weatherpink that I play. These three characters represent my Id, Ego, and Superego.

Oh shit, I totally forgot! I must've still been caught up in all the GAS Conference hype. Maybe I'll drop by.

Wish I could be there. I wnat to buy a set of Digger collections on paper and have them autographed for my niece. and a new set for me too. alas, stayed home in Boston, can't afford the convention or the time off from work.

Oh drat. I forgot that was this weekend, and with you heading westward, this was possibly one of my last best changes to convince you I'm not an axe murderer and shove you at the shiny of Pittsburgh! (Only 45% wild. May contain peanuts.)

Trying to attract your painting muse

[insert attention grabbing line here]

Steven Stahlberg [incredibly awesome] doing excelent critiques of people's art by painting over them:
[that's page 15, where he starts showing his changes as animated gifs]

OK, I'm sorry to leave such an off topic comment, but I recently found your Livejournal from DA (I was reading Elf vs. Orc) and I saw the entries about moving to San Jose. I grew up in Santa Clara/San Jose, and I miss it dearly, so it's a subject close to my heart. I was just wondering if you and your roommate had found an apartment, because if not I was going to recommend the complex my mom lives in. I thought it was a really cool location when I went to visit. It's right up near the hills, and right behind a shopping center, so you can walk to the grocery store and a bunch of cute little restaurants, and there's a mall, a Trader Joe's and a giant Target within about a mile if I've got my distances right. Plus their two bedroom apartments are designed with kind of a suite set up, so each one gets its own bathroom, which I thought was very cool (and very convenient when you're an adult daughter staying with your parents and need to escape them for five minutes for the love of all things holy... if you know what I mean.) Anyway, it's probably a little bizarre to be recommending apartments in California to a total stranger, especially when I live in Florida, but such is the way of the internet. Anyway, I hope it's a very successful move. And also, that your kitty is ok, because reading your story about the cat carrier incident nearly gave me a heart attack in sympathy.

Err... also please forgive my total overuse of the word "anyway." It is late at night, and my vocabulary is obviously suffering from sleep deprivation.

Just out of curiousity, where in Florida do you live? I'm wondering because I live in orlando.

I, too, spent a number of years on Orlando. I'm now in Poughkeepsie, NY, since the spousal unit's job took her there, and I'm a truck driver, so I can live anywhere. I had a house in the former base housing for the military base that was right next to the big airport. I miss it, but I am growing to like the four seasons we have up here. I actually spent the formative years in Fort Walton Beach, near Pensacola.

I miss having four seasons!! I'm from Nebraska, so I understand about making fairly massive moves, distance-wise. I always wish for fall and spring here! Orlando's a decent town, though. But then, I lived for almost a year in Russia, so I could live just about anywhere.

I'm just down the road in Tampa.

*waves* Hello down there. :D

hey, we all were newcomers to Ursula's brand of life/storytelling/imbroglios at one time. Welcome aboard! Make sure you catch up on Digger while you are at it. http://www.graphicsmash.com/comics/digger.php There are a hundred or so of the early strips available, and after that, you either have to subscribe or be faithful every Tuesday and Thursday to get the current strip. She is also very good about responding to people here in LJ, but sometimes it takes a few days (Anthrocon, long trips to the vet, etc). Patience will be rewarded.

Don't worry, I wasn't expecting anything like an instant response, I know she's busy. I just wanted to make the suggestion, since I know how awkward it can be to know if you're aiming at a good part of town when moving to a strange city. You find an apartment online and think "Oh, that looks nice!" only to find out you're living in one of the worst parts of town once you move in.

I've already checked out a few of the Digger strips, but the website was being really uncooperative the day I was reading, so I didn't get very far. I'll have to check it out again, and hopefully the website will cooperate with me.

i had to double check, but you're too far north of my parent's open wireless network.. (near bedford)

Damn, do I wish I could be there.

Me wants more art on ur site :-(

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