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(no subject)

Whew! Anthrocon day one, down!

Carlota has been bearing up to her first furry con with great aplomb. I suspect we are not weird enough to faze her.  ("Hey! This porn isn't porny enough, damnit!")  She's getting the same treatment I usually get--if you're NOT wearing ears and a tail (and are female and reasonably attractive) hotel staff and whatnot will usually pick YOU to ask "What the heck is going on here?!" with often hilarious results.

First day was pretty good. Tired now. Posting while watercolor dries on commissions. Soon...sleeeeeep.

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The porn isn't porny enough?
Are you sure she was in the adult section of the art show?

Not weird enough? Dang anime, spoiling these kids nowadays.

Once you've gotten a whiff of the guro scene, furries just aren't scary anymore. :D

Do I want to know what the "guro scene" is...?

*checks wikipedia*


I shall need no visual examples...

See, you keep bringing up interesting friends on lj and soon your legions of stalkers will slowly start to migrate...

not that I'm one, of course >.>

Poor Carlota, her journal will be inundated by your furry fans now ;)

We are legion because we are furry.

(Deleted comment)
*sigh* Ya need to come to FurCon! Only furrycon I can make it to.

I need to be able to make happy *squee!* noises atta artist and pester you to draw more Bob and Squeak! And Gothbat.! And Chupacabra! And.. and.. *SQUEE!* >thud<

... I'm ok!

I overheard some local people at one of the diners we hit on Sunday before we left AC last year, they were these leathery-skinned old chain-smoking women, and they were going off on the con goers. I wish I had a tape recorder, it was so great, these old crones with their THICK east coast accents bitching about "those weirdos who should be on Jerry Springer." :D

...East coast has an accent? *blinks at North Carolinian self who is 45 minutes from the ocean*

I bought Lost Sheep and Lost Wolf and Digger 3, wheeee! I was running low on teasing points, now they're back up high again. Ursula seemed to be in good spirits too.

Anthrocon, that's in Pittsburgh this year. You're in Pittsburgh? If I would have paid attention I might have gotten to meet you. I'm a big fan of your work, I would have navigated my way around furries to meet you. *squee*

(I don't dislike furries, they're just not my scene.)

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