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(no subject)

Whew! Anthrocon day one, down!

Carlota has been bearing up to her first furry con with great aplomb. I suspect we are not weird enough to faze her.  ("Hey! This porn isn't porny enough, damnit!")  She's getting the same treatment I usually get--if you're NOT wearing ears and a tail (and are female and reasonably attractive) hotel staff and whatnot will usually pick YOU to ask "What the heck is going on here?!" with often hilarious results.

First day was pretty good. Tired now. Posting while watercolor dries on commissions. Soon...sleeeeeep.

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The porn isn't porny enough?
Are you sure she was in the adult section of the art show?

Not weird enough? Dang anime, spoiling these kids nowadays.

Once you've gotten a whiff of the guro scene, furries just aren't scary anymore. :D

Do I want to know what the "guro scene" is...?

*checks wikipedia*


I shall need no visual examples...

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