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(no subject)

Whew! Today, the con endeth.

It wasn't bad. Not knock-down amazing, but definitely worth working the weekend (plus I got to see my folks.) It's weird, but as my mainstream art gets more popular, I don't do quite as well at the furry cons. (Okay, maybe not that weird.) Art show was pretty slow for me, but in all honesty, I didn't have anything major--people kept buyin' the stuff beforehand at more than I'd make at the con, and after awhile I just burned out on art.

I'm ready for a rest now. Busy summer. Of course, I may or may not be goin' to Comicon, and I'm definitely moving next month, so it'll be a short rest...

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(Deleted comment)
Curious, where does that Icon come from?
Make it yourself, perhaps?

Get some rest! (But please please please come to Comicon because that would be awesome)

Send us pictures! I wanna see fursuiters in a yiff pile!

*laugh* Honey, I don't get invited to those kinds of parties...

Heck, nobody even asks me to draw porn any more. I don't have any raging desire to draw it, but it'd be nice to be asked!

Which is why God put caffeine in Earl Grey tea, I suppose.

Someday I want to go to a con, just to see what everyone's always carrying on about ...

If you do make it to Comic-Con, I look forward to seeing you again.

Hi Ursulav,
We haven't touched bases for a couple of years. so I thought I'd say hey.
Glad you had fun at the con. Hey, I posted a Bird pic that you might enjoy. I took it last week.

I'm glad you still go even if it's not quite as profitable as it maybe used to be - I love seeing your stuff in person and THANKS for sugning all my books! :3 Now got6ta plow through them.... you will have some new UV conve4rts though as my friend Jinxxy really saw your stuff for the first time at AC and I'm going to loan out Digger 1 to some people I KNOW will adore her.

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