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So tonight, as is our long-standing tradition on Sunday nights of a Con, the guys of Sofawolf Press took some of their authors out to dinner, self included. We eat well, we hoist the thank-god-that's-over toast, we tell myriad embarassing stories, and generally I wind up signing books later in the evening.

Tonight we did the usual dinner, swell bunch of people--seven of us--and had a blast. Then we called a cab--two cabs, a stretch cab, anything--to take us home.

And we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Apparently Pittsburgh does not believe in cabs on Sunday.

An hour and a half later, after we'd been stood up by two separate cab companies, we started walking the long two miles home.

One of the cabs finally passed us, and didn't stop. (The company recieved a phone call about it about thirty seconds later. Cel phones provide so much instant gratification...) After awhile, the next cab passed us, and Carlota ran after it, waving (and jiggling) frantically. It stopped. There was much rejoicing. Except...there were seven of us...and only one cab...


You can indeed fit seven people in a cab, if some of them are skinny, the cab driver is willing, and they're all on good terms.

"You try to take your authors out to a nice dinner..." moaned Jeff, buried somewhere in the backseat.

"Look on the bright side," I said, wedged halfway up the opposite door, "we'll never ever forget it."

"Thank god nobody's in a fursuit..."

I can only assume that our emergence looked like a clown car, but we got home anyway.

And now...to rest.

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Yeah, Pittsburgh and public transportation...Not so much. Would've been better off taking a bus, if they haven't canceled another friggin' line.

"Thank god nobody's in a fursuit..."


Two miles wouldn't be all that long, except for the part where I'm sure you had a very long day and were probably not dressed for hiking.

And speaking of Sofawolf Press... any word for when Digger Volume 3 might be going on sale? I'm not going to ask for a specific date, but a ballpark figure might be nice. (Feel free to smack me, I hate being pressed for when thing's will be done.)

*smacks head* Never mind, I just saw the note at Sofawolf Press.

...I swear, studying for this speech class is turning my brain to Tapioca.

Thank god nobody's in a fursuit...

But with an elephant suit, you could've put somebody in the trunk!

*boom tish*

Oh... I see whatcha did thar. ;)

I can about picture everyone crammed in the cab.

I remember being at a con in which a several of my friends insisted that we could squeeze five people in my Sebring coupe instead of taking two vehicles. Yeah, it officially holds five, but the reality is something else. Anyway, we shoe-horned three in the little back seat and headed for downtown Chicago. On the return trip, I took perverse pleasure in using the new-found knowledge that if I jerked the wheel just so, a particularly obnoxious person in our group who had sufficiently annoyed me by this time would bump her head on the light switch in the back seat and I could turn the light on and off.

Hey, I was entertained :D

Oh, I have experience stuffing people in cars. The record is 9 in a 5 person car (a small one), but we've also done seven in a two-door. I simply have too many friends, and not enough of them have cars.

I do recall, "I'd like to not die before my sixteenth birthday, thank you."

We did 7 in a VW Rabbit (old style) once. The driver was the only one with a seat to herself. Of course we were 16-18 years old at the time, so all things are more possible. :-)

We did that at AC once, crammed a shitload of people into one cab.
It was funny but a bit scary, the cabby drove pretty fast because he didn't wanna get caught by the police with 8 people in his car. Fortunately it was a short trip.
We tipped him well :3

Man, I fit seven people in my Firebird!

Heh, I'm a cab driver here in Phoenix, and my rule is that the cab will hold as many people as you can stuff into it. My record is 9 passengers in a minivan I drove for another cab company. Now this wouldn't've been impressive except that eight of them were big strapping college boys, average weight was 220, same as mine, then one little slip of a girl at half that. To say the least that Caravan was a bit sluggish.

not only are cabs in pgh always late, but you can't hail them, either. we've just never been a cab culture. No idea why.

sorry about that!

lol, you're lucky – in Finland you wouldn't be able to find a cab driver who would accept any more than the maximum four people (in a normal taxi, that is).

On a totally unrelated note, I spotted one of your weird fruit in Encyclopedia Dramatica (link)

I think that's beside the point--had they been in Finland, they would've been able to find enough cabs promptly in the first place!

A valid point. I was going to argue that it'd depend on a city (given that I've had to wait for a cab for an hour on a Sunday night, and that was in Vantaa), but in most cases, you'd be right.

(Deleted comment)
[Jeff] Two in the front passenger's seat, and five in the back. There are pictures, but we will take them to our graves. :P And yes, I did tip the nice man exceptionally well. The cab company will probably need to replace the shocks in the car now.

Next year maybe I WILL hire that limo instead...

[Alopex] Oh, I at least have to share the pictures with those involved. I'm sure Ursula will be horrified by how she was preserved for posterity...but it will be a good thing to hold onto as potential blackmail material. *evil grin*

God, i can't stand getting stood up by cab companies, because i don't call them for a lark. i only call them when they are absolutely NECCESARY and the LAST resort.

Last notable: The "North Area Taxi" based out of North Charleston, SC.

i had ridden my bicycle 35 miles to work in a stunning rush of bravado and stupidity that left my boss horrified. He sent me home early, preferring to not think of me trying to ride back home in the dark. i soon discovered that while my sweat-smeared and fold-faded directions another bicyclist had given me as a safe round was not only illegible at this point, but was only one-way and not reversable due to the use of landmarks over street signs (landmarks that, despite my early start, would soon be invisible).

To add to that, the default route of a more car-congested and higher-speed nature, was full of people trying to get home on a friday. When i was pushed off the road by a school bus, i called it quits. i called my mother (no car), my friend (out of town), my acquaintance (drunk) and my coworker (not answering), and then my boss (going to a funeral). All resources exhausted, i called three trusted cab companies to find that none of them went from the city i was in to the city i needed to go to.

So i called the pricks listed above. Sure, they said to me as i sat in a stranger's front lawn. We'll be there in 40 minutes. 60 minutes later i called. i was told, again, 40 minutes; he got stuck in traffic. Well, it's friday and he's coming from North Charleston, so that is plausible. 60 minutes later i called. i was told, huffily now, that he was in the correct city and looking for my location. i gave it again. She said 10 minutes. 30 minutes later i called back, and it rang. And rang. And rang. And rang. And rang. Never to voice mail, never to a forward. It just rang.

So, crying, i call my boss back, and he saves the day by calling me the single most reliable cab company ever. The only complaints i've heard about them is that sometimes they will tell someone "we can't get someone to you in a reasonable amount of time, try X". They are also the most expensive cab company in the tri county area.

They said "30 minutes". In 20 my knight arrived, loaded my bike with no issues, and took me home. Woo Hoo! i <3 Black Cab Company. And my $85 dollar cab ride home was very luxurious.

sounds like a fond memory!

I had to cram into a Saturn SC2 (coupe, small, four seater) with 5 other people, and I'm the only one reasonably... small. It was literally brimming with people, and one poor guy had to sit on the cupholder/console in the center of the seat. Our clown car exit was met with applause from the people in the car parked across from us when we got out.

Ahh memories. :3

Ironic -- there was a cab in front of my hotel, and the driver asked me if I knew anyone who needed a ride. I told him to head back to the Westin!

Been there.

Drove seven drunk folks downtown to a porn store. God, but I miss that Honda Accord sometimes.

And before you ask: two in the front passenger seat, one in the other's lap, and five in the back (four in seats and one laying across them). I offered the trunk, but no takers. 'Sokay, it was funnier this way.

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