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Ah Have Always Depended Upon Tha Kindness Of Furries...

So Carlota and I are cruising down through West Virginia, on our way home, and we come around an off-ramp and pass a car broken down by the side of the road. Standing next to it is a long-haired young man looking tired and flustered.

I debated stopping, got about twenty feet down the road, felt a pang of guilt, and Carlota said, rather dreamily, "He was pretty cute."

This was all the encouragement I needed to slam on the brakes and throw it in reverse. I pulled over, hopped out, and schlepped over to see if we could offer him a cel phone call or a lift to a garage or something.*

I got within a couple of yards...and saw the tail.

"Holy shit!" I said. "You're from Anthrocon! So are we!"

A huge grin cracked his face. "No way!"

Seriously, what are the odds that the people who stop to help a pair of broken-down furries are a pair of...well, not precisely furries per se, but at least adjuncts to the fandom?

Alas, their alternator was busted. Carlota can fix a lot of car related ailments with spit and duct tape, but not that one. The back of our car was too jammed to fit more than one, and there were two of 'em. We offered either one a ride in to North Carolina, but since one had Triple-A and the other one owned the car, they were both stuck for the duration. I spotted 'em twenty bucks for dinner--can't leave a member of my favorite subculture to starve to death in West Virginia--and we wished them luck and continued on our way.

"Poor kids," I said, cruising past Summersville.


"Hope they make it home okay."


"Wish there was something we could have done."

Carlota grinned. "Yeah....but hey, we did both get hugged by a cute guy."

"A cute furry guy."



My life gets weirder the longer I live it.

*Note for my mother: No, I would never do this if I was alone in the car. Stop freaking out.

My life gets weirder the longer I live it.

That's how you know you're doing it right.

You know, I really like and agree with that particular alignment of reassurance! :3

thank god for that piece of tail.

Furries are like Firefly fanboys, Trekkers, and the Shreeveport Knitting Society.

Harmless, but gabby. VERY gabby.

That was funny and sweet and the title is perfect!
And the note for your mother at the bottom! Hee hee!

"My life gets weirder the longer I live it." Can I use that quote? I'm not sure for what, possibly an icon or a quote list or something.

I've done the same thing with SCAdians coming home from Pennsic War.
"There was a shield in that car..."


I've given rides to stranded SCAdians myself a time or two, when it was just me and the hubby in the car. It's often fun to see the looks on people's faces when we come in with some guy dressed in armor so he can call AAA or someone to come and tow his car. LOL

(Deleted comment)
Furry is getting like a lot of fandoms. See a tail, see if you can assist. =};-3

You know, if he'd been quicker thinking, he would have handed his AAA card to his buddy, waved goodbye and hopped into the car with us. :)

Sadly, having tried this trick before myself, it doesn't work that way -- AAA wants the bearer of the card to be present when the tow truck shows up. :/

I noticed there were an inordinate amount of really attractive men at AC this year, actually >.>

Gotta balance out the universe for the really ugly ones somehow ;3

--Still, I bet that a depressingly large amount of those boys prefer pretty boys themselves. Sigh! It's hard for a straight woman to find relationship bliss within the fandom-- as I've experienced time after time, meet after meet, con after con, myself. Argh! :)

Ah well, it's not like I'm gonna get with a 7-foot dark n'handsome panther-crow gryphon man either, but I don't mind looking if there's well done art of one. Same thing for untouchable boys, as disheartening as it can be... watching them be adorable hippies, making fox noises, nibbling and cuddling at each other to giggling bits n_o;;

what are the odds that the people who stop to help a pair of broken-down furries are a pair of...well, not precisely furries per se, but at least adjuncts to the fandom?

Not as high as you would think, once you figure in convention arrival and departure times. When attending Worldcon I've encountered multiple cars on the way in with the back covered in Sci-Fi bumper stickers, and when leaving a Wizardworld Chicago once I stopped off at a rest stop and came across Joe Linsner (DAWN artist) getting a meal there.

Great to see you again!

Ah... Conventions. Gotta love them. A friend of my works at the border between the US and Canada and just after Sakura Con in seattle, he had a few people go through his lane which were still in cosplays and toting in anime merch. It's fun meeting people from Conventions out of conventions.

Random Question: Will you be posting more unfinished art on ebay?

Yes! Just need to get a camera lined up for the big 'uns.

i like this Carlota person. she's full of sass :D

I just wanted to ask--by 'cruising past Summersville', did you mean the poor geeklings' car broke down *in* Summersville? Or somewhere outside of, and Summersville was the next town you passed by?

Either way, pity to the fur who either speeds (under definition for speedtrap; "see Summersville, WV" ) or is STRANDED in that wonderfully, ah ..quirky town. :P
I hope they didn't have to wait around too long with their tails on for help, you know... and have the opportunity to interact with locals for any extended length of time.


... *shudders*.

They broke down NEAR Summersville, poor bastards.

And no, we have never been caught by the speedtrap, because our very first trip through, some disgruntled motorist had bought a billboard outside of town reading "NOW ENTERING SUMMERSVILLE -- AMERICA'S BIGGEST SPEED TRAP." I have thanked them silently every time I pass through ever since.

uhrm hello... you got digits, right?

Naaaah. Way too young and way too furry...

What is it with Mom's? I gotta say the same thing to mine. (Will my kid hafta do that to me in 20 years? ... probably.... :P )

In most cases reversing is done in order to hit the furry a second time. Especially possum or hedgehog furries.