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So I finally talked myself into getting an iPod, on the principle that it was easier than shipping three boxes of CDs out to CA. (Okay, I didn't fight myself very hard...*sigh*) Since Carlota and I discovered some distinct musical incompatibilities while driving--she isn't a huge fan of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, or Tool, thereby negating the vast majority of the music I was traveling with at the time--I figure it's much safer to just rip the whole library so that I have safe choices like Zepplin and Nine Inch Nails on hand for our cross-country adventure.

This leads us to another point.

iTunes is dangerous.

Not because of the money involved. I am still writhing with guilt over the cost of the iPod itself, so I'm not likely to blow a fortune on music. I figure ten or twenty bucks to fill out my library with old favorites, and there I draw the line.

No, it's dangerous for the simple reason that you can buy music without having to admit to another human being that um, you, uh, kinda, um, maybe liked that one song, not really...look, it's not MINE, officer, I'm just holding it for a friend. (Not that anyone at a music store gives a rat's ass, but the shame remains.)

Which is why I now have Alice Cooper's "Poison" and am wallowing in gloriously cheeseball nostalgia. It is not worthy to sit in the same playlist as Lateralus, but it's goin' there anyway.

Poison as in "Poison runnin' through my veee-iiii-eeeeeins"? There's a delightfully cheesy techno version that I'm only slightly embarassed to admit that I own.

You can only imagine the blushing that occurred when a Britney Spears song came up on my iPod in the car last time...

While I'm at it, I may add that your icon fills me with extreme geeky glee.

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You bought it for your *relative*. You keep the songs you're embarrassed of, just in case you have to take another trip with them.

The blame is cleared. You're safe. Heh.

I LOVE "Poison"! Huge Alice Cooper fan though, so maybe that's the important part. =3

I haven't broke down and bought an Ipod yet, but... I too, know it's coming. They can be pretty handy though!

I saved the entirety of a virus-infected, painfully dying computer's data with one. No, really.

Oh, hell yes. It's what allows me to indulge in my love for that one My Chemical Romance song, and that one Dashbard Confessional song, and that one Peter Cetera song, et cetera et cetera et cetera, and nobody will ever know. And also, I won't have to buy the entire album full of all those MCR and Dashboard Confessional and Peter Cetera songs I don't like. My real problem comes when I fall in love with a song that isn't on iTunes, because I'm too spoiled now to go down to the store/Amazon and buy an entire album.

I highly recommend iTunes giftcards as a way of self-limiting. Your remaining balance is right up there at the top of the screen, and it gives you a better idea of exactly how much you're spending and at what rate.

I'm going to have to get an iPod sometime. regular, not shuffle, so I can control what I want to listen to... (primarily thinking of podcasts.)

My guilty song?

Run Joey Run.

(And I did get the books and print. Thanks! Squash Kachina is currently in the bedroom window, getting plenty of light. :)

Nick Cave FTW. One of the best live shows I've ever seen. Though I find myself hovering around the trifecta of Henry's Dream, Let Love In and Murder Ballads, the newer stuff isn't doing it for me.

And check out eMusic! I subscribed there, mostly indie stuff, but a HELL of a lot cheaper than 99 cents a song. Katatonia has their whole library there, which you may well dig, being a Tool fan.


*grin* Those are the best three. The new stuff isn't working for me, either--there's usually one or two good songs in there, but not enough to sit through a wrist-slittingly depressing album for.

um. I do have a private ftp server I run, contains something on the order of 18,000 mp3s, all complete cds, and at least 128K VBS quality. I do not allow anonymous logins, but it only takes a couple of seconds to set up an account. I know I have everything by Led Zep, some Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar Babies comes to mind), and probably lots of other stuff you'd be interested in.

Can I be your new best friend? <3

Hehe. x)

(Deleted comment)
not like tool? *brain splatter*

ummm... vast?

if you speak of the musical act vast, they are awesome.

(okay, sorry, had to comment - i love them and have seen them live a few times. much happiness. :))

I have NO iPod but I DO have ALL, The Wiggles, songs on my desktop. I'm just......erm......holding them for my six year old grandson, Officer. (Whew! That was close!)

At least it's not the Backyardigans. *gack*

one word for you:



(ok, that was two) :D

Maybe a few years ago, but I find it nigh impossible to get anything off Limewire anymore with all the junk and spyware/viruses. I'm not a huge music addict, so I'd rather just plunk down a few cents for a guaranteed download that isn't mislabeled.

I second Turbine's suggestion of eMusic.

I really can't see using anything other than iPod and iTunes. I love them so. Especially now that I've figured out how to put the miniplayer in the taskbar. Woo!

Well, between my sister and my music collection, we've probably got yours duplicated. (She's also got Korn which I can wholly miss; I've got a small selection of bellydance, bagpipe, and classical violin as well...)

*grin* Hers is all on her iPod; I just barely got a car with a CD player though. The 18-year difference shows in the tech (wait though, she's applying to art school and I'm the web geek... there's something odd with this picture)...

*chuckle* you knew this would happen in your fan base, though, didncha? *grin*

Hey, if you're not planning to ship all those CDs, and you're going to rip them anyways, you might find a local CD resale store who will cheerfully pay you to take them off of your hands. Which might make the pain of buying an iPod a little easier. Unless you're like me and can't stand to get rid of CDs. Unless they belong to rotten bum ex-boyfriends, of course.

Icon buh. You've successfully caused my brain to spontaneously reboot.

I have four words: "Cars That Go Boom". As in "We like the cars / The cars that go boom / We're Tigra and Bunny / And we like the cars". I can also state with confidence that that was, in fact, their best song. Because, see, before iTunes and its one-track enabling, there was half.com and its cheap used CD enabling...

OH MY GOD, I love that song!!

Here's a download link for it, it case anyone else wants to know the awesomeness that is that song!! :)


My iPod is my best friend. Also, I named it Cygnus.

And oh, the things my iTunes library can say about my musical interests. Even worse? Scrobbling my recently-listened tracks onto http://last.fm. Now everyone can check out my profile page there and see that in the past week, I listened to Def Leppard 290 different times.