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So I finally talked myself into getting an iPod, on the principle that it was easier than shipping three boxes of CDs out to CA. (Okay, I didn't fight myself very hard...*sigh*) Since Carlota and I discovered some distinct musical incompatibilities while driving--she isn't a huge fan of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, or Tool, thereby negating the vast majority of the music I was traveling with at the time--I figure it's much safer to just rip the whole library so that I have safe choices like Zepplin and Nine Inch Nails on hand for our cross-country adventure.

This leads us to another point.

iTunes is dangerous.

Not because of the money involved. I am still writhing with guilt over the cost of the iPod itself, so I'm not likely to blow a fortune on music. I figure ten or twenty bucks to fill out my library with old favorites, and there I draw the line.

No, it's dangerous for the simple reason that you can buy music without having to admit to another human being that um, you, uh, kinda, um, maybe liked that one song, not really...look, it's not MINE, officer, I'm just holding it for a friend. (Not that anyone at a music store gives a rat's ass, but the shame remains.)

Which is why I now have Alice Cooper's "Poison" and am wallowing in gloriously cheeseball nostalgia. It is not worthy to sit in the same playlist as Lateralus, but it's goin' there anyway.

I insisted on playing Poison at my wedding, actually. It's totally a great song.

Your traveling music rocks, btw. I've finally gotten my husband into Nick Cave, slowly but resolutely. Are you going to catch Tool on this tour?

I don't think I'll catch Tool--with the scrambling to move and all, I haven't really had a chance for much on the concert front...Saw 'em live once, though, and it was really REALLY cool.

What's so bad about Poison? I love it! *Has no shame apparently* I blame the influence of my sister. She's 7 years older than me, so I had all this kind of stuff molding my impressionable young mind through out the 80s. :)

Now admitting to listening to a couple of Britney Spears songs, now that's embarrassing... *quietly shuffles out of the picture muttering something about "they're for my brother, honest guv'"*

'm having serious Hunter S. Thompson flashes from your description of this car trip, with Carlota playing Thompson's Samoan attorney. Did she apply libations of beer to assist the tanning process? Anyway, I'm sure if you saw bats, they'd be adorable not-really-very-mean bats.

uh oh. I detect someone much like myself, maybe a slightly older generation? I actually managed to catch Hunter S once in an airport, he was actually sober, and saw me reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail. We talked for a minute or two, then he signed it for me. Very nice guy when not out of his mind on various substances. Bit of a nutcase in later years, I guess. Acid will do that.

Hey now, there's nothing wrong with good ol' classics. I've got "Poison" and I'll admit it proudly! AND it's on my iPod and computer...so there! Yeah! I've learned to accept my cheeseball music ways. ;)

My Pain, Your Thrill

It took me a while, but I eventually came to grips with the fact that rockin' songs are rockin', and the fact that the lowest common denominator also thinks they're rockin' does not inviolate their rockin'ity. I've now learned to accept that, for instance, Led Zeppelin is okay.

By the way, check out Styx lately? :D

Re: My Pain, Your Thrill

STYX! god, I loved them when I was in junior high school. I was in the 8th grade when Pieces of Eight came out, and I wore out the grooves on it while riding skateboards in the driveway and road in front of the house. I about died when Grand Illusion was released, it was by far the best album I had heard up till then. After that, they totally sucked, but hey, most bands don't get even one classic album, let alone two. If I ever meet Dennis DeYoung, I'm going to do the world a favor and shave his head, make him start over.

Alice Cooper ROCKS!

but I used to be housemates with the lead for this band (http://billiondollarbabys.tripod.com/ as well)

*heh* skipping iPods as yet... they look like happy trouble :)
(I feel guilty for NOTHING on my playlist. Although according to some I should... but lately it's been all Hedningarna, Faune.de and Alice Cooper)

I work at a music store. While things liike led zepplin dont raise eyebrows, they're common and in good taste, I'll admit to beind shocked by some purchases. I have my share of crap cds, and bad music can be a guilty little pleasure.
It's when people buy things like the new crazy frog and favorites by mozart in the same purchase that i get a little wild eyed.

I love my i-pod. I have a couple of Alice's songs - I'll go see if Poison is one I need. I am always pleased to drive with Heather, 'cause she likes my music.

with me, it's the 'only a dollar...' thing that gets me.

I've had an idea for awhile to write a site purely for the purpose of keeping a record of the things that you love. (And share said list with your friends and such.) I decided that one of the first features I add will to be a checkbox for "nostalgia". The second, "dirty little secret". Not sure if the latter will be private or not. ;-)

music.download.com is a great site! They have a ton of music to check out and a ton of free downloads.

Ipods are awesome. I bought one for my 90 minute commute and it has kept me sane.

This is totally unrelated, but I love your icon! It amuses me every time I see it.

'grats on the POD

I would be willing to put everything I have on it for you, since I have most of our previously shared music library =)


you have to check out Amie Street www.amiestreet.com It's for independent/unsigned artists, and the downloads start out free, and go up as demand/popularity increases. I have found some real gems in there, including an EP by Alexa Ray Joel, who is of course Billy Joel's daughter. Very jazzy, piano oriented (natch) but surprisingly good. Even if she didn't have the name backing her up, she could make it in the business. Even the most popular downloads only cost about 30 or 40 cents per song, even less if you download the entire cd.

Really start to question yourself when you buy that bizarre french song from National Lampoons... the one that sounds like the beach boys on crack. and from france... What? no, I wouldn't do that.

Check out the free podcasts available on iTunes, also. I can only listen to music for so long at once before having to go to spoken-word, and there's so many NPR, CBC and other science and history and whatnot podcasts up there, it suits my needs perfectly. :)

totally not admitting to buying a Abba track off iTunes