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So I finally talked myself into getting an iPod, on the principle that it was easier than shipping three boxes of CDs out to CA. (Okay, I didn't fight myself very hard...*sigh*) Since Carlota and I discovered some distinct musical incompatibilities while driving--she isn't a huge fan of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, or Tool, thereby negating the vast majority of the music I was traveling with at the time--I figure it's much safer to just rip the whole library so that I have safe choices like Zepplin and Nine Inch Nails on hand for our cross-country adventure.

This leads us to another point.

iTunes is dangerous.

Not because of the money involved. I am still writhing with guilt over the cost of the iPod itself, so I'm not likely to blow a fortune on music. I figure ten or twenty bucks to fill out my library with old favorites, and there I draw the line.

No, it's dangerous for the simple reason that you can buy music without having to admit to another human being that um, you, uh, kinda, um, maybe liked that one song, not really...look, it's not MINE, officer, I'm just holding it for a friend. (Not that anyone at a music store gives a rat's ass, but the shame remains.)

Which is why I now have Alice Cooper's "Poison" and am wallowing in gloriously cheeseball nostalgia. It is not worthy to sit in the same playlist as Lateralus, but it's goin' there anyway.

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one word for you:



(ok, that was two) :D

Maybe a few years ago, but I find it nigh impossible to get anything off Limewire anymore with all the junk and spyware/viruses. I'm not a huge music addict, so I'd rather just plunk down a few cents for a guaranteed download that isn't mislabeled.

I second Turbine's suggestion of eMusic.

hm. i have to say, i don't do a huge amt. of downloading, and i also have a mac, so haven't had an issue.

good to know, tho..thanks!

If you have a mac, try Acquisition. It's a great program!

I personally have found much success with Amie Street www.amiestreet.com

Limewire is infested with spam. You can search for anything, and if there are any legitimate results, you'll never see them amid the millions of spam results sent by hacked clients that reply to any and all queries with porn.

I've had much more success with eMule/aMule.

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