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So I finally talked myself into getting an iPod, on the principle that it was easier than shipping three boxes of CDs out to CA. (Okay, I didn't fight myself very hard...*sigh*) Since Carlota and I discovered some distinct musical incompatibilities while driving--she isn't a huge fan of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, or Tool, thereby negating the vast majority of the music I was traveling with at the time--I figure it's much safer to just rip the whole library so that I have safe choices like Zepplin and Nine Inch Nails on hand for our cross-country adventure.

This leads us to another point.

iTunes is dangerous.

Not because of the money involved. I am still writhing with guilt over the cost of the iPod itself, so I'm not likely to blow a fortune on music. I figure ten or twenty bucks to fill out my library with old favorites, and there I draw the line.

No, it's dangerous for the simple reason that you can buy music without having to admit to another human being that um, you, uh, kinda, um, maybe liked that one song, not really...look, it's not MINE, officer, I'm just holding it for a friend. (Not that anyone at a music store gives a rat's ass, but the shame remains.)

Which is why I now have Alice Cooper's "Poison" and am wallowing in gloriously cheeseball nostalgia. It is not worthy to sit in the same playlist as Lateralus, but it's goin' there anyway.

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About all the advice about torrents, Limewire, FTP sites and the likes...

What's the difference of downloading using those 'services' and photocopying Ursula's art?

no, I'm NOT against sharing music...
The law here in Norway says that making copies(ripping to a MP3-player, or burning copies) for backup purposes is legal, and also that Music can be shared with family and CLOSE FRIENDS. In other words, if I buy a CD, I can legally lend it to my friends, who can then LEGALLY rip it onto their MP3-players. They're not allowed to pass it on to their friends, though.

Where that gets vague is on the definition of 'close friends'...

Also, selling the original CD after ripping is NOT legal.
As long as you own the original media, you have the right to do whatever you like to it, but if you sell that, you have also sold any claims you had to that music.

Don't forget that iTunes allows you to share your music with others on the same network.

Anyway, my iPod is a 4Gen 20GB model, and it now contains as diverse stuff as Eartha Kitt('I want to be Evil', 'Santa Baby', 'Uska Dara' and many others. She's got a real purr to her voice, in fact, one of her CDs is called 'Purrfect' ), Blues Brothers, Elvis, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis, AHA, ABBA, Boney M, the music from Cats, Chess, probably sone ZZ Tops and Twisted Sisters(not 'Leader of the Pack' though, as The Shirelles did that one better), several audiobooks(I buy unabridged issues from www.audible.co.uk ) and podcasts by the heap ( www.doctorfloyd.com is the favorite... )

I may need to get a bigger one soon...

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