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(no subject)

Man, you never realize just how eclectic your music tastes are until you hit the random shuffle button and start working on art. I gotta organize these playlists better. Andy Stewart and Rob Zombie need to be separated or I get major mental whiplash, and the less said about Tool's intrusions into my folk collection, the better. ("Funny, I don't remember Steeleye Span having quite so many songs about prison sex...")

Try mixing up Tool with Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3 and the song of the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, like in my mp3 collection.

I have similar problems... it can be quite ... err... un-nerving. O.o

I use Pandora Radio, at Pandora.com, to DESIGN my own, PERSONAL online radio station, that plays ONLY the music I want to hear.

It's those Stan Ridgway-Laibach segues that hurt, too.

Bwa ha ha. Welcome to my world. I make random playlists just to unnerve people. Yes, I do like my Fear Factory following my Iron and Wine following my Styx, thank you very much. ;)

This is a large part of why I've switched my usage of iTunes over to 'shuffle by album'. Dunno if the iPod can do that, I've never gotten around to getting one yet...

Hmmm. If I had a player with the by-album feature, I might actually DO that. Otherwise, I'd never go NEAR shuffle. The few times I've tried it, most of the tracks that come up are from numbers stations.

That's the joy of ipod!
Jethro Tull to Chet Atkins to Dave Mathews to Jean Luc Ponty to The Austin Lounge Lizards...

Who will Metaquote: ("Funny, I don't remember Steeleye Span having quite so many songs about prison sex...") first?

Heh. It's even the joy of iShuffle (which is what I've got)... though possibly not quite so extreme. Or possibly more so; only two settings on the iShuffle: shuffle/don't shuffle.

BTW, dropped in following fatfred there. Blame it all on the ot-tar.

I used to have a car tape - Enya on one side, Guns'n'Roses on the other side. It was, ah, educational to notice how my driving style changed when the auto-reverse cut in.

NEVER play Meat Loaf or Bob Seger when driving.

Given that my iTunes just went from Coheed & Cambria, to Firewater, to Malinky to U2 to Tom Waits, I'm all in favor of completely random and eclectic musical shifts...


Coheed&Cambria! Gotta love upbeat music with disturbing lyrics. <3

("Funny, I don't remember Steeleye Span having quite so many songs about prison sex...")


Yeah, my WinAMP player does that at home. Beethoven to Velvet Revolver to Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts to Tom Waits to Joe Satriani to Johnny Cash to the Brobdagnigian Bards to Boiled in Lead to the theme to "Read or Die" to Tom Lehrer to Rob Zombie to ZZ Top to Stevie Ray Vaughn to A3 to 2Nu to....

The cruel and capricious sense of humor associated with Apple's shuffle algorithm for the iPod and iTunes is widely known. It's produced such notable moments as "Eye of the Tiger" three times in one hour (don't know victim, it was a Metaquote), or a cut from Rocky Horror every other song until it had played all but one song from the album (spouse's), or a Peter Gabriel or early Genesis cut every two songs (spouse's) or a fifteen song stretch of alternating between Van Halen and Malmsteen (mine).

Smart playlists are very much your friend here, as is the Comments field in the iTunes info for each track.

This Lifehacker post has some good stuff:

Yeah, know that one. I've gone from puirt a beul to BT. Kind of like being teleported from an Ansel Adams photo exhibit to a rave.

I dunno, I love random transitions. I keep my iPod on shuffle most of the time.

BTW, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum goes well with Tool.

Those guys are nuts! I keep meaning to get more of their stuff after I heard them on a compilation. My favorite band to pair with Tool right now is Isis. All of Lateralus, then all of Panopticon. Mmm good.