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(no subject)

Man, you never realize just how eclectic your music tastes are until you hit the random shuffle button and start working on art. I gotta organize these playlists better. Andy Stewart and Rob Zombie need to be separated or I get major mental whiplash, and the less said about Tool's intrusions into my folk collection, the better. ("Funny, I don't remember Steeleye Span having quite so many songs about prison sex...")

A segue from Carnatic flute music to John Lee Hooker has caused several folks to drop things. This has happened in my presence.


I often keep both iTunes and my iPod on "shuffle by song," though lately I've been listening almost exclusively to a list of every Def Leppard song I own (which is, well, a lot of Def Leppard). But man, I love it when I get Styx's "Mr. Roboto" followed by Radiohead's "Exit Music for a Film" followed by E.S. Posthumus' "Ulaid" followed by music from a Final Fantasy game followed by...well, you get the idea. Still, I have crafted some specific playlists for listening to for certain tasks.

"Mirror, Mirror" by Def Leppard is pure sex.

Am I the only person in this thread who actually puts on an ALBUM on his Mp3 player and listens to the whole album? I generally dislike shuffle in all its forms. :D

I do that with some albums, like the Who's Tommy, NIN's Year Zero, etc. Especially Tommy. Much better listening in the intended order with that one (and, arguably, with most albums).

I like setting up Freebird next to Free Bird. I also enjoy putting the original version of Baby Got Back next to Jonathan Coulton's cover.

I admit that when I haven't set up the playlist to be weird on purpose, I do get a little jarred when shuffle sticks Rammstein between a delicate instrumental piece and a Tetris theme remix.

Put the Tetris song next to Billy Joel's "Pressure". You'll never EVER be able to unhear it.

Yes, when my playlist goes from Enya to Marylin Manson, or from Peter Gabriel to Rage Against the Machine, it's a bit of a shock.

I have an mp3 of 4'33" on my playlist. Occasionally I notice about halfway through it. ("Why is iTunes no longer playing? Did I - oh yeah. Carry on, good man.")

You cannot possibly know how happy I am to read that comment.

Mine has a tendency to go - Rob Zombie -> Eartha Kitt (specifically 'Santa Baby') -> random Methos speaking clip -> Mahalia Jackson -> Nsync.

I actually love my shuffle button, it's the randomness that gets me through the day at work!

I don't do whole-playlist shuffle-- I have to build it at least a little. Otherwise, the plot music-- lots of Broadway-- would get too weird. It's not entirely brain-breaking to go from a sweet ballad to heavy bass and vicious lyrics, but a lot of Broadway people sound alike. I do not want to go from Les Miz to Miss Saigon *ever*.

A friend of mine was happily listening to Rammstein one minute and the next song that played was one by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The way I listen is by Genres. It seems to work better.

It is WAY worse when you have the kids' music, Christmas music, & Halloween *sounds* also in the library... Rob Zombie to the Muppets to screeching cats to Jingle Bell Rock... I don't use shuffle to often...

(Deleted comment)
Um, you can do that, with smart playlists. Just set up all your audio books with the same genre, and create a smart playlist to exclude that genre. Then just shuffle within that playlist. I had to do that to keep Eddie Izzard from popping up between Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. :)

I tend to keep my entire library on shuffle.

It's useful divination and occasional humor. ;)