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(no subject)

Man, you never realize just how eclectic your music tastes are until you hit the random shuffle button and start working on art. I gotta organize these playlists better. Andy Stewart and Rob Zombie need to be separated or I get major mental whiplash, and the less said about Tool's intrusions into my folk collection, the better. ("Funny, I don't remember Steeleye Span having quite so many songs about prison sex...")

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Yeah, my WinAMP player does that at home. Beethoven to Velvet Revolver to Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts to Tom Waits to Joe Satriani to Johnny Cash to the Brobdagnigian Bards to Boiled in Lead to the theme to "Read or Die" to Tom Lehrer to Rob Zombie to ZZ Top to Stevie Ray Vaughn to A3 to 2Nu to....

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