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(no subject)

Last of the soap labels! (at least for now...I kinda like the notion of doing a limited edition soap every year or something, although we'll see how the first run goes and whether it makes Ellen want to run screaming into the night or not. Possibly it's just that I think an LE soap is just wonderfully absurd.)

Savage Orange Soap

I'll post as soon as on-line orders are available, of course!

I think I may go buy pants in celebration. I have dropped from a size 16 to a size 14, with the end result that I have two pairs of jeans that fit well and the rest are getting increasingly roomy. (Shirts are even worse--apparently I'm down to a medium in some brands. I haven't been a medium anything in YEARS.) I'm reluctant to buy more clothes, though, since I A) am cheap and B) don't know where my weight will stabilize, and I may be right back in the same boat in a few months.

It's a nice problem to have, but at the same time, it's kind of annoying to have stuff in your wardrobe you only got to wear a dozen times before it turned into a tent.

A couple of years ago I started making my own soaps at home. For a while I made "chakra" soaps which were translucent, containing a gemstone, and then an opaque base. These became known as "The Chakra Jello" ... *slowly shakes head*

Naked Molerats and Cuddly But Unspeakable Nameless Terrors would've been the next logical step.

I should get back into that, really.

If you did the Savage Orange soap, I'd get some. :}

(Deleted comment)


er.. YOU CLEAN THE SOAP. Yes, that'll do. Er...

I got nuthin.

No, but I give you full marks for effort!

Funnily enough, it seems to be fashionable now to wear a baggy clothing with a broad belt around your waist (mid-riff?) as well as one to hold your trousers up, shirts especially

Those are so going to be Christmas presents this year, and I may have to buy a set of the prints for the bathroom. Love love love love the adverts!!!!!!

My thoughts exactly.

*Prays to the money-gods*

Come oooon.. It's -soap-! Everyone needs soap!

I adore your adverts and can't wait to see what happens with the soaps.

As someone allergic to citric acid, I agree with the concept of the "savage" orange. Along with the murderous lemon and the sociopathic grapefruit.

Okay, I would totally buy a poster-size of sociopathic grapefruit.

I bet if you offered to trade pants for prints, you'd have a whole new wardrobe within a couple days... >.>

I would totally trade my size 14s for soap. My 12s are getting roomy, so it's not like I'll be needing them anytime soon.

I've started making my own clothes as I've found it difficult(read: near impossible) to find things in my size (big hips, small waist). Congrats on the weight loss, it feels so good to get it under control, doesn't it? The best thing about making it yourself is that you can either take it in or give it away for someone else who has an odd size if you lose weight. I'm in my first year of learning to sew, and it's not perfect, but if you'd be interested in a custom order I'll give you a good deal :) I have a journal over at madfishmarket. Also elastic waistbands and wrap skirts are great for the middle sizes.

Also, handmade soap is great. As someone with a nut allergy (whenever I see them I hear Grandpa Simpson in my head going "Deaaaaaaath!") I can appreciate a savage orange. Some of those innocent-looking produce items are vicious, backstabbing harbingers of slow and painful death.

Womders who is making your soap...
I have a friend who is a fantastic soap maker!

cheers the soap maker you're talking about! ::::woot woot woot!::::

Find someone who knows how to sew and likes your art enough to do a trade: a painting (or a pile of prints) in exchange for taking a bunch of your existing stuff in?

One of the best SEXY DRESSES I had was a $3 thrift-store find thing that hung loose on me, until a friend did a few deft, quick hacks to make it cling to my body like a second skin.

who are you guys having to do the soap? cause god, i do have someone who would SO understand the need for nekkid mole rat colour soap. :::Grins::

It's too bad you couldn't scent the Elder Clean with BPAL's Cthulhu.

Although they already do several of the Lovecraftian scents as soaps at the trading post. I - I wonder if they'd be interested in buying rights to use the Elder Clean image...

I think you need a Fierce Grape to go with that. :)