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(no subject)

Overhead in the women's dressing room: "Damn! This dress done make me look like I gave up on life!"

I got some pants. Apparently now I'm a size 12. Sweet jesus. My ego and my wallet are locked in epic battle--"YAY! I haven't been this skinny since college!" vs. "Hey! Clothes don't grow on trees! Get a job, you damn hippie!"

I'm chalking it up to overwork, since I'm not dieting. Stress makes the metabolism go 'round!

Perhaps I'm just losing brain weight...

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Yay, Ursula's brain likes me!

I am so all about brain #1 and #3 lately. (#2 is off limits due to the whole being knocked up thing.)

Would Ursula's brain really be talking about the stars, though? I'm sure there'd be much more interesting and/or worrisome things to see - defective pink elephants, for example...

Nah, that's considered normal sobriety for me.

I wish men's pants sizes told the truth. If I buy anything that's my actual waist size it ends up around my ankles.

... I feel like you just told me the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist (it DOESN'T?!). I've been wishing for years that women's pant sizes were arranged in WxH like men's are, but clearly that's not all it's cracked up to be.

(Deleted comment)
Hey, two years ago I weigh 420 pounds. After Gastric Bypass and a major tummy tuck I am down to 295 pounds. I went from a siz 64 inch waist to a size 48 inch waist......and I'm 55 years old.

To be fair, for you to just be losing brain weight, your brains would have to be in your pants given the size lowering. At least, that's how I read this logic.

(Deleted comment)
*laugh* Flattery will get you everywhere...

i was going to post the same thing...that Divorce Diet, she is a hard mistress!

but congrats on the shedding of lbs. is a bonus in all the stress. and with the new 'do, and digs, man, watch out world!

Will you please draw your brain wearing a fez? Just because, I mean, it would be wearing a fez...

And I'm sure you are very sexy in your size twelve pants. Not that you weren't sexy before, but now you're wearing smaller pants and I'm just going to shut up before I can't climb out of the hole I'm in.

I lost two stone (nearly 30 lbs) after a really bad break up. Someone should market the break-up stress diet.

I've had the same thing - stress = losing weight.

I'm down from a 12 to a 10 and those are now getting loose on me. I haven't been an 8 since high school. It's scary.

"Clothes don't grow on trees...get a job, you damn hippie."

Your brain isn't any kinder to you than your muse. And I think it may even be more perverse.

But yah! for losing weight. At least something good is coming out of all the shit that's been happening to you lately. Now the question becomes, are you healthy? Losing weight can be great, so long as it doesn't land you in the hospital.

Sadly, I've been having the opposite problem and now weigh 25 lbs more than I ever was in college. At least I'm maintaining.

Hey! Clothes don't grow on trees!

I am now envisioning an orchard of cultivated clothing. Boughs of blouses, limbs heavy with linens...and aren't there shoe trees already?

*peers to see through compression and bad monitor* dude, what's in your icon?
I wish shoe trees grew shoes on their own :/

That looks like a golden mole to me.

preitis is quite right--it is a golden mole, in a rather low-res version. They don't seem to have visible eyes, so you're not missing anything. Actually, it reminds me of a fuzzy cowrie shell...

Xanth books have that sort of thing, but in Xanth everything grows on trees. Or bushes.

good for you! & I hear ya about the stress/weight loss thing. My husband & I are currently in our first round of fertility drugs & our company is talking about moving us BACK out to california (of just a year in Ohio). Currently the stress has dropped 15 pounds off me. If it weren't so darn...well, STRESSFUL, this would be an excellent diet!

PTA Thrift Shop in Chapel Hill

You really should check out the PTA Thrift Shop in Chapel Hill ==> http://ptathriftshop.com/index.shtml

Since it's in an affluent college town, they get some great donations, since rich chicks are always getting rid of decent clothes. It's a gold mine. I hardly ever shop retail anymore. Name brand jeans in great condition for something like $5, shirts and skirts for soemthing like $3...decent shoes. I've walked out of there with two pairs of jeans, three skirts, a pair of boots and a T-shirt for something like $40.

It's fantastic if you're changing sizes. Can't recommend it enough.

(um ... Hi, I'm a random. I figure if you objected to me stalking your journal, you wouldn't have a link to it at metal and magic, so there)

Well your art generally is awesome, but these brain diagrams honestly made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair and choked, and my flatmates came running in to make sure I was still alive.

About the pants/stress thing, I don't know what you look like, but you're cool enough to be gorgeous no matter how big your waist is you know. (didn't intend that to sound quite so suck up, but o well)

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