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Have Them Dipped In Chocolate And Sent To My Quarters

Just saw the latest Harry Potter movie, and man, it didn't disappoint in the magical ass-kicking department. Somewhere, the computer who generates the shards-of-broken-glass effect has caught fire, gone critical, and done exploded.

It's gotten to the point where I suspect it is no longer possible to watch one of those movies and comprehend it without a working knowledge of the Potterverse, but since I've got one, it was quite enjoyable. The best surprise of the movie was Luna Lovegood, who was fantastic. Not enough Snape, but then, there's never enough Snape.



Look, I haven't gotten laid in quite a long time, and I accept that it may be starting to affect my judgment, but at some point when my back was turned, did the Weasley twins become hot?!

Dude. I feel slightly unclean.

My desire to cover Lucius Malfoy in chocolate syrup and lick it off remains undimmed, but I've felt like that for years, so it probably doesn't count. Mmm. It's the hair. Like an elf, only evil and with good shoulders and none of that tedious more-elder-race-than-thou-ness.

Also, there was a plot or something, but feh.

Oh, you are EXCELLENT!

I love your posts!

(Jason Isaacs aka Lucius was equally hot as Captain Hook in the recent Peter Pan movie...check it out if you haven't already!)

(Deleted comment)
Mmm, Lucius. He is quite tasty.

Weasely twins have always been hot. It's okay.

And yes, I completely agree that the girl cast as Luna was *perfect*!

Oh, the Weasley twins were always adorable. In that geeky kinda way. It only stands to reason that "adorable" would translate into "hot" by now. ;D

The growth spurt, the hair and the sense of humor that comes with being legal made them OH, so hot.

Luna? Luna was freaking AMAZING. I was shocked at how well she was.

One thing that actually impressed me about this latest movie (as opposed to the LAST one) was that it really DID seem like someone who had never read the books could follow along. It left out big moments that happened in the books, but the moments in the movie really seemed fit together and tell a coherent story.
Friends of mine who haven't read any of the books pick this fifth movie as their favorite, so... *shrug* who knows.

Personally, as an avid Potter reader who had, thus far hated all the movies EXCEPT the third, i thought this one was awesome :)

Oh God, I know what you mean, but my reaction was over Harry. I suddenly feel like a dirty, dirty girl.

i second the not enough snape, maybe in the next one perhaps? though i could replay him hitting ron in the head all day. *easily amused*

I'm seeing it tomorrow night

I'm sure I'll feel the same way, only dirtier, because I'm 54. I'm so bad. Fortunately, there is no bad when you consider them as strictly fictional characters. :)

As for elves, they are annoying. I was just discussing this with my husband today, and we agree that hobbits would make better neighbors.

Re: I'm seeing it tomorrow night

Much easier to invite over for dinner, much more likely to invite you over for dinner!

In which cases you'll either be eaten out of house and home, or stuffed to the gills with excellent cooking.

Wouldn't surprise me. I've never seen any of the movies, but I remember seeing the Potter actors on the cover of Parade or some rag like that for the 4th movie, and they all seemed squarely in the awkward stage, particularly Weasely, who looked like the stoner kid your parents didn't want you hanging out with. So if it's been two years since then, he's probably matured into some kind of devil-may-care hotness. I haven't seen him, so I dunno.

Nah, Ron Weasley's still kinda eh. It's his older twin brothers that are suddenly smokin' in an Irish hooligan sort of way.

Gred and Forge have always been attractive on some level-- I relate to them through book rather than movie, so it's not physical for me. But now, they are *allowed*.
The joke wars were my favorite part of the fifth book. Possibly the only part I'll reread for fun. Who knew a whoopie cushion could be badass?

George and Fred have become hot. It's true. It's sad.

What's worse? Neville Longbottom. He hit a growth spurt and became one of those awkward young men that I would dearly love to corrupt in unnamed and unspeakable ways.

So many dirty jokes were made during the movie in reference to the twins, and wands, and... you see where this is going.

And what Snape there was (not enough!) was very, very good. Though I think the tag line writes itself when it comes to his scenes with Harry. "Order of the Phoenix! The slash writes itself!"

Yeah, that's not even my fandom and I kept ticking off mental points. "Okay...Sirius in a bathrobe with chest tattoos...check...Snape in a dungeon with Harry...check..."

Yes. Yes they did.

I have, to my horror, also started liking Draco Malfoy more than is probably allowed/legal/good for my sanity. Granted, you barely saw him this movie, but it was a few good glimpses.

I blame being single for too long.

you've got a very cute icon. where is it from, if you don't mind me asking?

Haven't seen the new movie yet, but at least they're 21 (the actors). ;-)

I must say that I'm very happy to live in a country where the legal age is 15. I haven't felt guilty about it for a couple years now... ;-)