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(no subject)

I should work. I know I should work. There is work to be done. Workness. Work must be accomplished.

...and yet, dim sum, and hangin' out with the assembled webcomic talent of NC sounds like a lot more fun.

Show me an artist who isn't fueled by guilt, and I'll show you a...err...

Okay, I shouldn't have made fun of Johnny Hart all those years. Those are harder to come up with than I thought.

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So you're going to dim sum then.

...and I'll show you a car running on air.

If you're tired of razzing Johnny Hart, have no fear. Other people of taste will always carry that torch.

Dim Summmmm.... YUM!

Have a sesame ball! I love sesame balls!

...and I'll show you a heathen who needs to accept Jesus into his heart. See, that was easy! :)

Shouldn't it be, and I'll show you a heathen that doesn't need to accept Jesus into his/her heart? I mean, presumably, ursula wouldn't be able to find an artist w/o the guilt, and Johnny would not be able to find a heathen who doesn't need to accept Jesus, because they ALL do because we are going to HELL!

I mean, I don't really understand these, and I hate Johnny Hart for his ignorant, pointless, religious unfunny 'comics'. It infuriates me past reason the number incredibly stupid comics that get into the newspaper.

I guess yours fits the joke structure better, but it doesn't really have the rhythm, you know? Of course, neither does mine, but you know how it is, fundamentalist Christianity just isn't funny. Too bad that never stopped Mr. Hart.


If you love Dim Sum, wait until you get to San Jose - there are good Dim Sum restaurants all over the SF Bay area.

My personal favorite in the south bay is Joy Luck Place in Cupertino, but you could spend a *lot* of time (and gain a lot of pounds, and amass lots of motivational guilt) trying new restaurants out.

And I'll show you a...

person with a severely underdeveloped superego.

Show me an artist who isn't fueled by guilt, and I'll show you

a pepperoni pizza with no anchovies.

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