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(no subject)

A Wild Kingdom devoted specifically to wombats.

Life is good.

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This morning, I playfully attacked my girlfriends shoulder, gnawing on it ever so slightly. She asked, 'What is that attacking me?' to which I replied, 'I'm a rabid wombat!' She thought a moment and said, 'aren't they herbivores?' 'Well, I did say that it was rabid!

You just reminded me of it, so I thought that I would share our moment of weirdness.

I was *so* happy to see that! *cheers the wombats, long may they run!^^*

I loved watching Marlin Perkins wrestling wombats in the mud, when I was a boy.

I watched that! and so thought of you, I'll never see another wombat without thinking of you, your brand has been permanently burned into the backside of every wombat from here to eternity. Besides that wombats are awesome, it was a great episode.

I love wombats, they're so playful and intelligent.

Saw it! I didn't realize the buggers are HUGE.

Did Jim get to use the Capture Net while Marlin was struggling with the wily beastie?! ;-P

Too fun! :)


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