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(no subject)

Damnit, I have seen the trailer one too many times...

Is there anybody local who wants to see the Transformers movie in the next couple of days?

If you go, be prepared for cheese. Extreme cheese.

If Virginia were local, I'd say sign me up.

Hope you enjoy - I was surprised how much fun I had at it (even seeing it at crossroads in Cary which I usually find annoying).

If I wasn't so busy during the next few days i'd be tempted to get all stalkerish-fan-like and invite myself along.

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Surprisingly, it's not too bad. The effects are generally good, and there is an infusion of whimsy that you will appreciate -- the President's ghetto blaster is a good example.

There were half a dozen trailers before the show -- and the intended IQ of the "Transformers" audience was the highest of the lot.

That deserves a separate commentary, I think.

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I'd like to go see but unless you're in CA in the next couple of days . . .
well, enjoy.

Were you keeping count of how many times you saw that trailer? If you see it a certain number of times, do you receive a sort of subliminal directive to see the movie? Are we through the looking glass here?

I thought it was fun. Effect-heavy, explody, splashy fun.

As someone said quite well, it avoided taking itself too seriously, while still respecting the source material.

Not that I'd know, I never followed Transformers or anything, but it was worth my sheckles.

Is Durham local enough?

I'd be up for a matinee during the week.

I could be convinced to tag along, ifn you two were going at a decent after-work hour for the rest of us...hell, this might be the last time I see you before you head across country. ;p

Ursula, you don't know me but you'd like to; I'm awesome. Of course I'm probably making a mistake posting this after a Carlota post, although I'm interested to see if she vouches for me or not on this topic. ;)

Ooh, ooh! :D I'm in Raleigh - I work right down the street from the Jerry's Artarama. I haven't see it yet. *bounce, bounce* Plus. 50% off at the Ale House for dinner. o/

I managed to avoid all mention of this until I went to see the Fantastic 4 movie and it was one of the pre-film trailers. I think I thought it was going to be awful and they'd never pull off the transformations. I'd just spent 5 minutes explaining about Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Then the Transformers trailer was shown, and when the big truck came on I leaned over to my friend and said - that's Optimus Prime. I've decided I'm going to embrace my (not so) inner sci-fi geek. :)

Is there anybody local who wants to see the Transformers movie in the next couple of days?

I'd say, unless you're living in some Amazon commune, that 50% of the local population would indeed like to see the movie. A little known fact, but if you decode the part of the Y chromosome usually dismissed as junk DNA it actually reads GATTACATAGGATA-ROBOTSINDISGUSE-TTAGGATA-CATTACAG-BOOBIES. Fact.

Would you mind if I metaquoted you?

The one person who could make me see TF again--well, all right, one of TWO--and you're in another continent. :( Phooey.

(Not that it's a BAD movie. It's shiny. It's pretty. It's unintentionally hilarious. But for a misanthropic little hussy like myself? Just not enough screentime for the giant robots.)

The effects are really cool, so it's worth seeing just for that and the 1-18-08 trailer.

Thank you for posting about the 1-18-08 trailer. Hadn't heard anything about this film until I read your post, have now seen the trailer and want it to be January. :)