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Internal Dialogue

Ursula: You know, there's just not enough good fan fic out there...

Ursula's brain: Just so you know, you're dead to me now.

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But there ISN'T enough good fan fic out there.

Which is clearly why you need to write more. Even if the loyal readers of your blog never get to see it, the very existance of Ursula written fan-fiction raises the overall quality of fanfiction available, even if it's only by some terribly small fraction due to the nine bad fan fics that will spontaneously generate upon your creation of a good one.

...and I have something like four different variations on "fan fic" in that reply, don't I.

Good fanfic is an oxymoron, sadly. Those that are good are few, far between, and make our collective hearts explode with sheer glee.

The rest rape my childhood repeatedly with porcupines and hedgehogs.

I would do terrible things for some good Beast Wars fic.

Even a decent AU or something.

Terrible things.

(your icon reminded me. X3)

...Heard of Lady Dementia? I like her.

The one with DC/X and way too much information about the reproductive systems of manta rays and crabs will never leave my head, sadly. *sobs*

(Deleted comment)
You might like the Sacrafices Arc by lightningwave. Brilliant and beautiful AU. She takes the normal terrible cliches and makes them work in ways you never would have imagined. Also, wonderfully long. She updated nearly everyday for almost a year and a half. It will take weeks to read it all.

I've had that conversation with myself several times lately.

It doesn't make me feel any better any time it happens. :P

Um. I don't know if you like Buffy at all... it's one of those things where I don't have any one fandom I latch onto, but, Buffy falls under one of my "really? er... okay..." categories that I'll at least go and look at.

These are both good. They either a) read like the series as I recall it, or b) read like a really good book follow-up. As far as I've gotten, there isn't any gratuitous sex for the sake of. In fact, if there's any outright sex as opposed to fade-out, I don't remember it.

Your mileage may vary, but I've been really impressed.

typographer's Buffy Fic and rahirah's Buffy Fic. They're both really good, although typographer's got a bit smaller of a collection at the moment, and thus, I'm not even halfway through rahirah's, but I'm loving all she's written.

*laughs* and I thought I was the only one that occasionally wrote out my internal dialogue. Sadly you are both right, there is good fanfic out there, just like there is still good poetry on Deviantart, but you pay the price for it when the rest permanently scars your Cerebral cortex.



*digs up Grand Theft Katamari and starts writing*

I think my brain is just as disgusted as yours, but it can buzz off and go play Tetris.

Ursula's brain, I'm sorry. I gotta side with Ursula on this one.

Neon Hummingbird's site has some excellent recs from multiple fandoms, and although I haven't had a chance to read many of her own fics yet the ones I have read are quality.

How should I possibly try to talk your brain out of this one? Or you?

And my brain would object too, over the use of 'enough' as opposed to 'any', followed up by, 'nor shall there ever be'.

Moms are always like that, LOL. Mine is the same.

Would you be willing to trade a copy of your book for mine?

But... It's true. There's not enough good fan fic out there. There should be more good fan fic!

Wow, skipped "on notice" and went straight to "dead to me," eh?

Write some.

You know you want to.

The plotbunnies are calling you.

As for the AUGH encountered in the search of good, I'm so used to it now after 7+ years that very little actually scares me. The pain goes away in time, honest!

Fanfiction hasn't got a greater percentage of poor output than other genres. What fanfiction has is a greater percentage of exposure.

If you're going to do it, and it happens to be BLEACH fan fiction, can you secretly email it to me or post it here: http://community.livejournal.com/ishidafansanon/

I promise I won't ever tell anyone it was you.

Resmiranda's Tales from the House of the Moon. Funny, sad, everything really.

Go Ursula! Throw off the tyranny of brains!

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