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Internal Dialogue

Ursula: You know, there's just not enough good fan fic out there...

Ursula's brain: Just so you know, you're dead to me now.

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Um. I don't know if you like Buffy at all... it's one of those things where I don't have any one fandom I latch onto, but, Buffy falls under one of my "really? er... okay..." categories that I'll at least go and look at.

These are both good. They either a) read like the series as I recall it, or b) read like a really good book follow-up. As far as I've gotten, there isn't any gratuitous sex for the sake of. In fact, if there's any outright sex as opposed to fade-out, I don't remember it.

Your mileage may vary, but I've been really impressed.

typographer's Buffy Fic and rahirah's Buffy Fic. They're both really good, although typographer's got a bit smaller of a collection at the moment, and thus, I'm not even halfway through rahirah's, but I'm loving all she's written.

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