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(no subject)

Man, the Transformers movie kicked ass!

It's not so much that it was a good movie as that it was very, very fun. Explosions! Planes! Tanks! More explosions! And it was the Transformers, so c'mon! Granted the source material, I don't think it could have been notably improved. Optimus Prime's dialog was hokey, but really, it was Optimus Prime. Goes with the territory.

And Hugo Weaving was the voice of Megatron. Which means that Megatron needed more lines...

Deathless, no. But very fun if, like me, you had no expectations and like to watch giant robots hurt each other.

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I grew up in Fort Walton Beach Florida, which is surrounded by Eglin Air Force Base, and Hurlburt Air Field (now AFB also). Hurlburt is where the C-130 Gunships are based, and they have practice ranges all over the place. When they cut loose with the 150mm guns, you can hear if for miles around. My brother in law, now retired, was a crew chief on the gunships, and he always talked about how the planes can put a shell, round, bullet, bomb, whatever, in a 100X100 yard space, with less than 6 inches between projectiles, in less than 10 seconds. My dad, who is also retired Air Force, used to be on the Combat Weather Squadrons. Their main job was flying C-130s into hurricanes to measure the strength around the storm eyes. This with 8 kids at home. I'll tell you what, there are not many planes in the world that can take the abuse a C-130 sees on a slow day.

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