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(no subject)

Man, the Transformers movie kicked ass!

It's not so much that it was a good movie as that it was very, very fun. Explosions! Planes! Tanks! More explosions! And it was the Transformers, so c'mon! Granted the source material, I don't think it could have been notably improved. Optimus Prime's dialog was hokey, but really, it was Optimus Prime. Goes with the territory.

And Hugo Weaving was the voice of Megatron. Which means that Megatron needed more lines...

Deathless, no. But very fun if, like me, you had no expectations and like to watch giant robots hurt each other.

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..And doesn't he say something about the two of them being 'alone'? I was like uh... i'm not sure i could be making out on top of a friend... with more watching. yeah, no pressure there...

I'm willing to be that sexual relations are quite different for the two species. I'm not sure that getting pointers would help your performance much.

Very true. At least, let's hope so. ;)

I don't think Transformers HAVE sexual relations. Isn't that the point of the All Spark?

Shh... don't tell the fic kids. They're already shipping Mikaela and Bumblebee.

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