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(no subject)

Okay, gang, last call! If you have not yet contacted me with a shipping address about the books you claimed in the long-ago book cull, and I don't hear from you by next week, I'm taking 'em in to the used book store, since they're cluttering up my living room at the moment, and I've got about a month to get everything ready to go to California.

My e-mail is ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com 

Whew. So much to do, so little time...commission to finish, Nurk illos to do, and even though every day gets filled up somehow, I never seem to get all these things done...

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I don't think I claimed any back then. Er. Did I? Er?

If any go unclaimed, I'd be happy to take 'em off your hands.

I recommend www.bookcrossing.com for getting rid of books you don't want. Fun! :)

If the gypsy pirate one didn't get claimed... *grabbypaws?*

Mmm. You should have my check by now.

Yup! No worries on your front, they've been mailed.

Wow, I've seen botflies infesting wood rats (disgusting in itself, 'specially when the larva's moving around) and I knew there were human botflies, but that's the first I've heard of them infesting the skull. Yulgh, utterly creepy; one more reason to hate mosquitoes.

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