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Farewell, O Franchise!

Alas, poor Snape, we hardly knew ye!

I am gratified that my belief that Snape was obviously acting on Dumbledore's orders were confirmed, but I do wish he'd had more screen time. (Page time? Whatever.) I did howl like a wolf over the "Do you want me to do it now, or would you like a few minutes to compose an epigraph first?" Poor Snape. I would go read good Snape fan fic in tribute, if I thought there was any chance of locating it in a sea of horrors.

My secret hope that Harry would fail miserably, and Neville would turn out to be the chosen one were sadly dashed, but at least Neville got to do something reasonably heroic. (I confess at this point that I've never really liked Harry all that much. Hermione, absolutely, Ron, sure, much of the supporting cast completely, but Harry was just too noble and brave and overpowered and whiny. I was rootin' for Neville, because that's the sort of twist I'd have pulled, but...ah, well. It's easy to backseat drive, I haven't had to write the series. I never liked Luke Skywalker or Frodo either. From this we can probably determine that Ursula dislikes wide-eyed and noble young heroes, and prefers cynical grumps, or at the very least immaculately clad anti-heroes with cutting senses of humor.)

Man, high body count in this one, huh? And most of the cool people bit it off screen. Hedwig! Noooo! Mad-Eye! Nooo! Fred! Noooo! Err...Lupin and Tonks? That was...anti-climactic. I confess, there was a minute when I looked up and said "Is somebody punishing fandom for all that Sirius/Remus fan fic?"... And was their kid a werewolf or not!? Curses!

I shed no tears that Dobby bit it. I have been praying someone would kick that little punk into a fireplace for ages.

But hey, let's hear it for Kreacher, huh? Finally! Someone treats an evil character right and is rewarded! Kudos! About time.

There were a couple of fairly glaring plot holes, but there are always a couple of plot holes. I am generally satisfied. A few fairly good setpieces--the Battle of Hogwarts was nice, McGonnagal kicking ass is always appreciated. Also, while sections of the book dragged a bit from a reading standpoint, I must confess the whole "I am living in the woods and wondering what the hell to do next," was admirably authentic. "We're clueless. And in the woods. And clueless. Darn."

I enjoyed it. And now I'll have to go back to waiting for the next George R. Martin book to get my hit of epicness.

I think my favourite plot point of the entire book was Kreacher leading the Hogwarts house-elves in the final battle. That ROCKED. I think the reason I loved it was the way it took a standing joke from the earlier books (Hermione's S.P.E.W) and turned it into something viable and beneficial, throwing it into the "why can't we all just get along as we kill Death-Eaters" section of the storyline.

I liked the Epilogue - but I would have liked to know what they all did for, like, jobs. Did Harry become an Auror? The only one we found out about was Neville, and that was great, too.

I loved that Neville got to kill Nagini. In fact, I liked that Harry didn't do all the Horcrux-destroying. Spreading it around was a nice touch.

Oh, I finished Black Dogs last week. When is the sequel coming out?

How cool was it that Voldemort destroyed the Horcrux that he created in Harry?

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And a couple of long ones! (Although I guess slash might not be your thing...)

Man, where did all these people who shared my belief that Snape was acting on Dumbledore's orders COME from?! Back when I first said so most people told me I was just being naive and didn't want to believe someone we'd assumed to be a good guy through the whole thing wasn't really. :<

or at the very least immaculately clad anti-heroes with cutting senses of humor.

......have... have you read The Etched City? XD;

My friend Jinx and I have been saying that Snape was acting on Dumbledore's orders since HBP, and getting much the same reaction. She talked her mom into reading up to book six before the last one came out and her mom came out after HBP and said, "Err.. this character you dress up as every Halloween. He's really evil, isn't he?"

Funny thing is Mom finished Deathly Hallows after reading all day yesterday and is now an instant Snape fan.


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I'm... pretty sure everyone knew it was the last book... since that was part of why it was such a big deal...

I think clueless in the woods was the best part of the entire series.

And now I'll have to go back to waiting for the next George R. Martin book to get my hit of epicness.

Amen, sista!

I'll add an amen there too.

Neville killing the snake actually made me cheer our loud while reading. Though now that I think about it, I wonder what happened on Griphook's end of things.

Neville was my absolute favorite part of this book...the rest was sad and depressing. I cried throughout the whole thing

If he is a werewolf, poor kid. Werewolf on top of Metamorphmagus? Not only does his entire visage change every two minutes before he learns to control it, but he turns hairy and craves very raw steak about once a month on top of it.

I cheered quite a bit during the battle, even with the high and somewhat off-screen body-count. I think it was the little details like Trelawny braining Fenrir with a crystal ball and the like that make it really work.

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I was afraid it was going to be a history-repeats-itself-but-not thing, where Harry raises his godchild, the way that Sirius should have been able to take him in.

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Speaking of plot holes (or maybe I didn't read carefully enough), when Harry is talking to Voldemort and says "Draco, -grabs Draco- was the next owner of the wand" where the heck did Draco come from? Also, how on earth did the sword of Godric get back to them? I thought the goblin ran off with it. Was that explained and I missed it, or, just...not?

I think anyone who is a true Gryffindor can pull the sword out of the sorting hat if they need it. I mean the first time Harry did it the sword started on Dumbledore's wall and ended up in the Chamber of Secrets with Harry. But I would love to see Griphook's face when he realises it's vanished again.

Although you'd think by that logic that all you'd need to find Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem is a true Ravenclaw who needs a bit of a wisdom boost, hand him/her the hat and hey presto, not so lost.

I also was sure Snape had been ordered by Dumbledore to kill him.

And I didn't think the prophecy could really have been about Harry, either! I was hoping for Neville, or Draco. I know, Draco sounds like something from bad fanfic, but my dad worked a complex and very well-justified theory for why the prophecy fitted him.

Hah, I think the punishment for all the slashfic was just getting Tonks and Remus together in the first place! Two of the characters that were widely thought of as gay... And I think all the stuff about the kid had inherited Tonks' powers meant he was a metamorphmagus and not a werewolf. Though I'm sure there will be fanfic in which he is both and he has super duper extra magical powers because of it.

And now I can take a deep breath and relax until the new Discworld books arrives. =};-3

Making Money! :D That just must be an obvious continuation of Going Postal.

(I'm just reading this thread so I don't have to read the book...)


IF George RR Martin would get off his ass and write the next book.... *sighs* goddamn I need that like burning.....

He's doing just that right now... turned down a month-long book-and-Worldcon tour of Asia so that he could write.

And c'mon. Do YOU do your best writing standing up?? Let him sit on his ass all he likes. I'm sure it helps him focus on writing :)

I haven't actually read it yet (I don't really care about spoilers). But I'm sorta sad to hear that Harry didn't bite it. I've never been a big fan of him either. Oh well.

Same here.

And I actually appreciate the spoilers because it means I don't have to drop everything else I'm doing to read the new book. I still want to see the 5th movie and re-read the 6th book to refresh my memory before I read #7.

I found the entire epilogue to be really, really annoying and trite. For some reason, it irritated me that everyone got together -- who marries the person they are into when they are 17, comeon? And that Harry and Ginny named their kids James, Albus Severus and Lily? COMEON! It didn't feel real and there was no sense that time /had/ passed -- so it just felt like 17 year old Harry, Hermione, Ron and (16 year old) Ginny suddenly play-acting as parents. There was absolutely no need for the epilogue and it just smacked of a Disneyesque tidy, happy ending to appease the fans.

However, I did enjoy the rest of the book. Greatly.

I thought the epilogue brought things full-circle again, from James and Lily to Harry to the kids. Family is one of the major themes of the book, and showing Harry creating the family he always wanted was a good way to end it.

I was disappointed not to find out about their jobs, though.