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(no subject)

Okay. I offer this link with trepidation, because it is cruel and vicious and snarky and bitter and much like a cold, cold MST3K take on the last book, and those who get upset about mockery will not find it amusing and will probably think that I am a bad person.

Still. I laughed until iced tea came out my nose.

There is much loathing for Ron. There is much loathing for self-absorbed heroes. There is praise, however, when deserved.

Best two lines:

Page 371: Oh, good, Ron is back. Everybody, wave your tiny little flag for Ron.

Page 571: Neville Longbottom is fucking hardcore.

No, this is the best line:

Page 753: "Epilogue: Nineteen Years Later." [ed. summary of kids]

Draco has one (Scorpius, who will grow up to try and kill John Crichton).

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to catch the Farscape reference!

That was awesome. Thank you for that link.

It took me a while to warm up to that when Scott linked me to it last night, but yes. And I have to agree about Neville!

all in all, i have found few criticisms of the book that stand up when you remember that this is a children's book. it rocked.

"Hedwig bites it as the Death Eaters attack. Still, we'll have all those great memories of Hedwig. Like the time Hedwig delivered a package. Or the other time Hedwig delivered a package."


Daisy7 made an orly owl with "HEDWIG NUUUUUU" but the link seems to have expired, D:

Imageshack suxorz :P working for me.

... Huh. A good mockery/parody is a lot better when the person writing it is a more careful reader and loses the snotty bitch 'tude. I read mocks to laugh, not to admire the writer put their attitude on parade.

Page 212: "Filthy, filthy, filthy (insert spanking noise here), filthy boy!"


3.) Hermione altered her parents' memories so they think they are completely different people who live in Australia - which of course means that Batman will never let her in the Justice League.

I'm kind of embarrassed about how badly that one made me laugh.

Don't worry, you're among friends.

Great link! Thanks, I laughed out loud at several points - a nice break from a rather anticlimatic holiday :)

Ahahahaaaaa. Admittedly I think the mocker needs to reread (I noticed a fair few inaccuracies), but "Harry Potter is Batman!" is pretty much pure gold.

OK, I'll have to go read that in its entirety after I finally get around to reading the seventh book. I'm just waiting on a couple of other people to finish first.

(Because I didn't feel like paying for a hardback that would become a paperweight as soon as I finished reading it.)

(Deleted comment)
I adore mightygodking's review. I only hope he did/does one for the other six books.

My favorites:

Page 82: Oh good, it's the return of Angry Jackass Harry. I never ever get tired of him.

Page 164: Ron complains about the Muggle diner's coffee, because it's not MAGIC coffee you understand.

Page 514: Awww, Remus had a baby! (He is toast.)

I say we reprint the whole thing in your comments.