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(no subject)

(Ron Weasley: date rapist, hypocrite, general idiot, total chickenshit, whiny bitch, manic depressive, double dealer and bloodthirsty savage.)

(Deleted comment)
I expect his grandmother does, since he kind of got left with her whilst everyone else in their family were off being killed. I can't even try to think of why the sword seems to have a magical wormhole to it built in to the sorting hat though.

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Oh no! It says the journal's been suspended!

... Wow, how did he get suspended AGAIN?

Sure looks like it, huh? *cries*

You are a hero! I was trying to explain to someone how insanely funny it was but it was gone. Thank you!

Oh, I loved that. Though "Ron is a date rapist because he read a book about how to treat girls" going overboard.

I parsed that title as the metaphorical charm, not the literal one. MGK somehow got "date rape".

Journal been suspended? :(

:( I got nothing

I am reading this in the tone that Tom Servo of MST3K fame uses when Joel sets him to overly sarcastic mode.

Before his head explodes.

Alas, that journal is suspended, so I am spared from my own curiousity.