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(no subject)

Yay! LJ's back!

I have no idea where this quick little...err...thingy...came from, but I needed a break from my other painting anyway...

Puffer Migration

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It was a power outage in San Francisco.

Does that reflect the thinner, redder-haired you?
I love it!

Watch the spines! I hate it when the exploding skunk migration is going on.

That looks adorable and also frightening.

She's cool. Is she meant to be a self-portrait?
Those puffers don't look all that dangerous - must be because of that expression.


They look innocently dangerous. You know, like the giant Great Dane puppy who'll mow you down without realizing it.

Particularly the giant Great Dane puppy DRIVING A TANK!

For some strange reason this made me think of you...

Chuckles, "Reminds me of Freefall, though there one of the fish was stupid enough to warm itself on a candle and blue up."

"Oh, here's a suggestion of sorts for a pic, when I saw a bumper sticker that said 'Blessed Be,' the first thing that popped into my head was 'Blessed Bee,' something that only Ursula could do.

Just be careful of migrating slime molds!

Those are awesome puffer fish.

I know this is a stupid question, but is this one going to be available for prints????

Absolutely! $10 plus shipping, drop me a line!

Sweet! I forget. Which email is still yours? setik@metal or is it ursulav@metal.....

Ursulav is the way to go. (T'other one works, but both my ex and I get it.)


Ursula channeled The Book of Biff. How'd that happen?

...I look at the flying pufferfishy picture, and I think:

"Sandals with SOCKS? For shame!"

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