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While I did not make it out to Comicon this year--I was hoping, but the cards did not fall into place--Digger volume 3 is there without me! Sofawolf Press will be at table G-10 in the Exhibitor area, and you can pick up a copy there, and say hi to two of the nice people who publish my work. (Or get volumes 1 & 2! Or Black Dogs! Or It Made Sense at the Time! Or cool stuff by other people, for that matter!)

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Will you (or Sofawolf, really) be doing another signed run for Digger 3?

[Alopex] Yes! After the ill-fated Anthrocon dinner that Ursula described not long ago, Ursula stopped by our room to sign a box of copies of Digger 3 for sale on our website. They will go on sale soon, under the system that we have previously used:

Tuesday, July 31st, 10:00 AM Central Time*

$18.95 (same as unsigned copies; limit of 2 per person)

Log in/create an account at http://www.sofawolf.com/catalog/ then place an order once the product becomes available.

Watch the Digger category in the catalog -- http://www.sofawolf.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=31 We will soon create a separate page for the signed copies that will appear here; the page you see there now is for regular, unsigned copies.

Until sold out.

We will add IN BOLD, ALL-CAPS, BRIGHT COLORS, AND PERHAPS BLINKING FONT messages on the non-signed copies page to help prevent people from inadvertently purchasing the wrong thing. But still, please read carefully when placing your order so that we don't have any disappointed customers at the end of the day.

* To be fair to Ursula's fans around the globe, we change the time of the release of signed copies each time, so as to be (in)convenient to a different group of time zones in turn. Previous releases have been at 9PM, 9AM, and 2PM.

Excellent! Thank you for the information.

Damn. I was going to draw you into my characters' con.

Oh yay, can't wait to pick my copy up tomorrow!

G-10 is actually Row 800 and SofaWolf is towards the concessions side of the room, right on the corner of a central, main drag. I know because cooner is there as well with Buffalo Wings and his Lollerwear shirts. @:) I must get an LOL Trekkies shirt!

What madbaker said. Any signed editions this time?

I can't go either. Why did my cousin have to pick Comicon weekend to get married? The audacity! Well, at least your presence is one less cool thing to miss this year.

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