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(no subject)

Today is an excellent day!

Today, I paid off the last of my student loans. Hooyah!

Mind you, that chunk of monthly cash will probably now go over to paying my own health insurance, but still, it's nice to get that particular weight off my chest. Back! Back, damn'd loans! With whip and chair and check, I drive thee back! From hell's heart, I stab at thee! Etc!

So I feel good about that. I cannot say that the education it funded is being put to its expected use, but it did lead to a lot of nice anthropological tidbits in Digger, and I have no particular regrets. I love what I do, and however I got here, it was worth it.

Things are generally going quite well. I'm still artistically pretty burnt--working on a few existing projects of the gotta-get-this-done variety, but no inspiration for new paintings. (The one that was going well was going well, but may have passed the mental sell-by date, alas...) Still, this is totally normal for me post-Con season, and it's a lot worse than usual this year, since in addition to Con-crush, I had all the final rewrites for Nurk AND that L.A. gig, which in a two-month stretch like that would leave better women than I wrung out like a dishrag. So I'm not feeling all that guilty. (A little guilty. But y'know.) I figure I've got until about the middle of next month before I have to start painting or I'll hate myself.

And there's some other rockin' stuff goin' on on various fronts, which I cannot blog about at the moment, but which are indeed majorly rockin'.

And life is good.

And also, apropros of nothing, I saw "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" for the first time the other day, and I just wanna know--who the hell saw Hugo Weaving as a scrawny insecure drag queen and yelled "THERE! That's my Agent Smith!" ?! I mean, it was a great flick, but...dude...Elrond and Abba crashed together in my brain like the rocks of Salmydessus.* I may never recover.

*Gratuitous reference so that I don't feel like I wasted that Classics minor that I toyed with getting.

it was the flip flop dress that did it.

The flip-flop dress was astonishing.

Yay for Excellent Days!

Very Glad to see you having one, Ursula! ^_^

Oh I love "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" And I admit that I missed the ABBA soundtrack when Hugo Weaving showed up in "Matrix".
For some reason the step from drag queen to elf wasn't as big... At least not in my head ;)

(Deleted comment)
'Who the hell saw Hugo Weaving as a scrawny insecure drag queen and yelled "THERE! That's my Agent Smith!"'

Who the hell saw Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and decided Kenau Reeves was to be Neo?

Another excellent question, although I assume it was because Keanu Reeves somehow became the incarnation of cyberpunk via Johnny Mnemonic. Speaking as one fond of cyberpunk, I'd just as soon have somebody else, but...well...y'know.

I just bought my DVD of Priscilla the other week (extra frills edition); now all I need is a copy of To Wong Foo, and I'll be all set for a drag queen road trip movie night.

Why not get The Adventures of Iron Pussy to round it off? It's sort of a mix between Priscilla and James Bond. It is sort of my feelgood movie for when I need a lift in spirits. Good luck in finding it on DVD, though.

::love for the allusion::

I always thought that the myths of ancient Greek sailing hazards would make for a fantastic video game. But what did we get instead? Kid Icarus, Battle of Olympus, and God of War. Which are all fun, but I never understood the liberties they took with the mythology. There are so many things in the lore that are so much stranger and more interesting than what the game designers came up with...

(Crap, I may need to go look at the Neverwinter Nights Aurora toolset again. I wonder if you can import your own clothing and armor? 'Cuz I can totally render a khiton and some bitchin' sandals, yo.)

Big congrats on getting the student loan monkey off your back. That must feel great:)

Congrats! Specifically for paying off the student loans, but also for the rockingness of life.

If it's any consolation, I have an anthropology B.A. and a B.Ed., and I'm currently working in an IT department.

Woo! Now you can get into some other huge debt! Kick ass! Time for that HOME THEATRE SYSTEM in the NEW MANSION!

or not. Congratulations!

It's like watching Flipper and Lord of the Rings and going, "There! He shall play Kevin in Sin City!" In my head, the progression for Hugo Weaving goes: Mitzi --> Agent Smith --> Elrond --> Megatron. That's right before the blood shoots out my nose.

On the other hand, Priscilla did set up Petunia the Desert Princess in Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent, and that's always worth a watch.

He was also V between Elrond and Megatron.

(Deleted comment)
It just breaks the mind, doesn't it?

Geeky factoid: it seems to have been a mutual decision to cast Hugo Weaving as Tick/Mitzi, although it was the producer Al Clark and the designers Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappell who pushed for Guy Pearce as Adam/Felicia over Stephan Elliot's misgivings.

And if you want to break your mind even more, try and catch Hugo in Proof. Brilliant film, and the co-star will really break your brain. :D

Yay! for paying off your loans! :D

too much metal for one hand \mm/

rock on! i can't wait for the day my loans are gone!