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You know that blog post I made awhile ago about identification with one's characters and whatnot?

Well, t'other day, a Digger went up where the local healer asks her weight, and she replies "Two-twenty." I figured that was a pretty good weight for an anthropomorphic wombat--her height looks to be somewhere around four-to-four-and-a-half feet tall, she's got immense muscle mass compared to a human, seemed a fair size.

Speculation in the comments today was that the reason I picked this number is because *I* weigh 220, and Digger is my metaphor for myself.

One person, who ain't gettin' their comment approved, went so far as to link to a photo of me at my top weight (which was never anywhere near 220, but with the usual camera-adding-pounds problem looks plausible as such.) It's not a good photo. No good photos of me exist, for that matter.

In case anybody's wondering, I'm 5'7", I weigh a little under 170 (possibly less, I keep losing weight) and Digger is not my metaphor for myself.

Sheesh. I bet this doesn't happen to male cartoonists.

But what we really want to know is, are you really covered in fur?

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*offers the Rusty Warmace of Painful Castration for the de-seeding of morons*

A classmate of mine once opined that the monolith in 2001 was actually a metaphor for Kubrick himself.

So, yeah, they get it, but no one's ever asserted that Kubrick's rectangular, I figure.

Wouldn't it make more sense as a metaphor for Clarke? (I mean, not that (IMO) that suggestion makes a lot of sense in the first place, but Kubrick had nothing to do with the creation of the monolith as a fictional concept.)

And, pointedly, Ursula is kind of hot. Which, as odd as I am, wombat's don't usually do it for me.

Ergo, not symbolic metaphor territory.


*grin* And the squid scores major brownie points!

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I'm personally a bit frightened that that'd even be an issue for people.

Read it, enjoy it, stop gettin panties in a twist over the exact plausible length of her digging claws if she were x, and x were a variable not affected by time or tumbleweeds and if y is the sound of a pine marmot moving through the tundra in spring and c is the constant speed of a clip-on fan in summer, then how much does she weigh in 3 times Jupiter's gravity?

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(Deleted comment)
Digger should become a fatshionista. Mmmm, political(?) controversy. :P

(And PS, MOST male cartoonists I've encountered don't have dumpy chics in their comics Q.Q)

Augh! How annoying.

And why do people keep pulling crap like that with your pictures? >:/ It's incredibly rude.

I would be livid if someone other than myself or a close friend posted pics of me on the 'net. Especially without my permission. I'd go to that website that's hosting the pic and politely request that the person who posted it take it down, because it's being abused by rude fans.

I completely agree with awriter, posting pictures of you (or trying) without your permission is absolutely out of line.

Male authors get it (I don't know about cartoonists). I write (original fiction and fanfiction) and know a lot of other people who do too (male and female) and a lot of us have got reviews where if we've written about a character who is gay, we must be gay. If the character is into any kind of kink then we are too in RL. If your character is a killer/torturer/any other kind of bastard (because let's face it the villains are sometimes the more interesting characters) then you get reviews wondering if you're sick in some way.

And God forbid you harm an animal in fic. You can just about get away with killing and torturing humans with just the odd idiot assuming you're a creep, but have an animal killed and you get buried in flames.

A lot of readers seem utterly incapable of separating fiction from the author.

And God forbid you harm an animal in fic. You can just about get away with killing and torturing humans with just the odd idiot assuming you're a creep, but have an animal killed and you get buried in flames.
There's a list of Hollywood rules from a few years back, and one item was "bad guys kill pets. Good guys kill people."

"Sheesh. I bet this doesn't happen to male cartoonists."

Nah, everybody knows their packs can't be that big, otherwise why would they be cartoonists?


I thought being a cartoonist was for wooing a sexy bass player... Worked for me!

I bet you look a hell of a lot better at 170 than I do. Prolly cuz you're 3" taller than me and therefor have more bone to spread it out over.

And no, this probably doesn't happen to male cartoonists. Or male authors. Or male artists. Sexism and looksism is so deeply ingrained into our society that we jump to conclusions about females in professions where a well known addage is "write/paint/cartoon from what you know."

Sure it does. People will whine that they make all their females perfect in appearance, just like their ideal woman.

Etc, etc.

Some people are so goddamned unimaginative they can't even conceive of someone imagining, creating, and bringing to life someone who isn't just a thinly veiled Mary Sue.

The idiot linking the photo needs a lesson in manners, preferably delivered by a paddle to their rear in payment for acting so childishly.

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My first thought, despite easily accepting that they all speak the same language, was that it would seem really optimistic to presume that a tribal society in a world that might not even be the one Digger comes from would know what units she meant.

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It doesn't happen to me concerning weight.

But when I did this comic, and had it published in my local paper, people assumed the worst.

I was taken aback because I thought the scale was smaller. That is, that Digger was more wombat-sized than human-sized. Perhaps I must look more closely at Digger's relative size when she's standing next to the Hag.