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You know that blog post I made awhile ago about identification with one's characters and whatnot?

Well, t'other day, a Digger went up where the local healer asks her weight, and she replies "Two-twenty." I figured that was a pretty good weight for an anthropomorphic wombat--her height looks to be somewhere around four-to-four-and-a-half feet tall, she's got immense muscle mass compared to a human, seemed a fair size.

Speculation in the comments today was that the reason I picked this number is because *I* weigh 220, and Digger is my metaphor for myself.

One person, who ain't gettin' their comment approved, went so far as to link to a photo of me at my top weight (which was never anywhere near 220, but with the usual camera-adding-pounds problem looks plausible as such.) It's not a good photo. No good photos of me exist, for that matter.

In case anybody's wondering, I'm 5'7", I weigh a little under 170 (possibly less, I keep losing weight) and Digger is not my metaphor for myself.

Sheesh. I bet this doesn't happen to male cartoonists.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm personally a bit frightened that that'd even be an issue for people.

Read it, enjoy it, stop gettin panties in a twist over the exact plausible length of her digging claws if she were x, and x were a variable not affected by time or tumbleweeds and if y is the sound of a pine marmot moving through the tundra in spring and c is the constant speed of a clip-on fan in summer, then how much does she weigh in 3 times Jupiter's gravity?

"Because Robert Downey Jr.'s eyes are brown."

--Jon Favreau, at the Iron Man movie panel at Comic-Con, fielding a question about "why didn't you cast a blue-eyed actor for Tony Stark, everyone knows Tony Stark's eyes are blue."

...and he looks perfect anyway, so thank you. *headdesk*

(Deleted comment)
Also, there's problems of "anthropomorphizing" the wombat. Their limbs won't work the same and their body won't be shaped the same, so there are difficulties in using that exact size.

...now, mind you, I do look at things and go "No way in hell," but arguing the weight of Digger is a liiittle out there.

(Deleted comment)
Ah. See, I misread you.

There's also the argument of muscle mass vs. fat and... (yawn) Yeah, they went about it way wrong. Heh.

It looks like you are already aware of this concept, but I don't know if you've seen this article about how past a certain point, scaling a creature's size up simply by a mass-to-height ratio will result in an impossible creature. You might like it. :)

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