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You know that blog post I made awhile ago about identification with one's characters and whatnot?

Well, t'other day, a Digger went up where the local healer asks her weight, and she replies "Two-twenty." I figured that was a pretty good weight for an anthropomorphic wombat--her height looks to be somewhere around four-to-four-and-a-half feet tall, she's got immense muscle mass compared to a human, seemed a fair size.

Speculation in the comments today was that the reason I picked this number is because *I* weigh 220, and Digger is my metaphor for myself.

One person, who ain't gettin' their comment approved, went so far as to link to a photo of me at my top weight (which was never anywhere near 220, but with the usual camera-adding-pounds problem looks plausible as such.) It's not a good photo. No good photos of me exist, for that matter.

In case anybody's wondering, I'm 5'7", I weigh a little under 170 (possibly less, I keep losing weight) and Digger is not my metaphor for myself.

Sheesh. I bet this doesn't happen to male cartoonists.

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"despite easily accepting that they all speak the same language..."

I always figured that the magic responsible for getting Digger halfway across the planet- if their planet is set up like ours- is acting as translator.

And if you assume that it's time she travelled in, from the sound of it the wombat civilisation would be one of the most stable in the world. As such their language would probably be used for trading between species. It wouldn't be all that unexpected for it, over time, to become used more than the native languages and eventually upsurp them

Nice speculation... but then there'd probably be more signs of them around there, but nobody seems to know anything about her species.

Wasn't there mention of old abandoned mines in the temple library that she was told about? Sure I remember something about that. Also there was the fact that wombats had sealed a god in the underground chambers and Digger hadn't heard of it. I think she mentioned the wombat writing being in an old dialect too, but I could be wrong about that

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