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(no subject)

In other news--is anybody going to ConXtreme this weekend in San Jose, and would like to entertain a Carlota-person?

Drop me an e-mail if so, I'll pass along contact info...

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Not related to the above post in any way whatsoever, I still think you, of all people, should enjoy this immensely. I know I did.


There's a con in San Jose this weekend? o_o *rushes to Google* Blast, if only I had had a few more days' warning.

I'm completely unhelpful on the entertainment front, but I hope she has fun!

Yes, there was a con in San Jose. Damn if I know what the con was about after spending almost 4 hours there. Mostly it was several dealers looking depressed about the lack of attendance, and some Taiko drummers doing their thing. Well worth missing. Though, there were some completely fabulous corsets...

I bet it was the same corset dealer as was at Fanime. Very fun corsets indeed...

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