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(no subject)

And this is the OTHER reason I shouldn't talk to Squid...

Don't ask

(Deleted comment)
OK, that's actually weirder than usual...



That would look cool on a CGI mermaid.
With them still alive and wriggling...

You are full of wonder.

I'd wear it. This probably comes as no surprise.

I've spent too much time on the internets... My first thought about it was "I know exactly the people who would wear this."

But howabout a Cuttlefish Corset?

This idea combined with Davy Jones' face combined into two images. One of a woman with... er... boobs... like... his face... er, as squids... *headdesk* and the other involved him and Calypso.

You have officially killed my brain. I hope you're happy.

As a busty bridesmaid who's spent the last several weeks looking for formal bras, I have to say this looks better than some of my options.

Boy, I bet some Japanese pornographers would love to talk with you.

kinda nsfw?... http://fukung.net/v/5911/15kg8.jpg

This could result in the invention of a ink-based deterrent system.


*grope! TORRENT OF INK!* "AGH!"

You know a lot of squid have hook-like claw/teeth in the center of the suckers on those tentacles, right?

I mean, I know some god of anti-feminism made all women's support garments uncomfortable, but... maybe next time go with octopus.

Octopus or squid, the downside would be the swarm of tiny hickeys adorning the chest and back as well as the strong fishy smell.

Now on sale at Cthylla's Secret? (Hey, from the horror stories I've heard, using a non-Euclidian numbering scheme for band size and Aklo glyphs for cup sizes wouldn't actually make it harder to find one that fits.)

Ia! Ia!

- snakeonaplane

Despite the squishiness.. I think it'd be rather comfortable!

One wonders-or, at least, I do-if this was perhaps the invention of the same guy who made the fruit shoes and got syphillus in many different ways? I can't recall his name.

...anyone told you you're a bit odd lately?