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(no subject)

I keep getting caught in rainstorms lately. Generally in much better company than this, though...

Caught in the Rain

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*laughs* I like the mouse bouncing off the umbrella. :)

Neat, but I would think that raining cats and dogs would be far worse or even that deck stain commercial where it's raining swords, maces, arrows, and fireballs. I wouldn't even want to contemplate going out in that!

Is very much cute and somewhat disturbing in an Edward Gorey sort of way.

The days when it rained mice were the worst

...especially for the mice!

I'm so disappointed! I rushed over to your site to order a print for a b'day present and discovered there aren't any! It would be just so perfect for my son's housemate. sigh</>

Oh well, back to the archives. I'm sure I'll find something she'll like as well. 8-]

Oh wait -- I think I misunderstood the little icons on the side. I think I can get a print, right?! I'm going for it! 8-]

Oh, you can! I just haven't put it up yet, but if you send me an e-mail at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com I'm happy to set up an order!

Hah, you should see the days over here when it hails taxis.

"It's been raining cats and dogs again"

"How do you know?"

"I just stepped in a poodle"

BTW, dunno if you've seen the rain and floods in the UK recently, but believe me, mice would be a pleasant change.

Badum, tish.

In other words, ya beat me to it ;)

ION, I was looking at that picture expecting one of the mice to have a parachute ;)

You're my hero. I'm going to have to email you for a print of that, so it can amuse me on those days when everything's going wrong. (It can go next to my print of the The Toaster Incident...which my friends are pretty sure you channeled me for, because its caption has been my battle cry for years.)

::snuffle:: I keep getting story fragments from your art. Just fragments.

::sniffle...lip quivering, pawing through box of brightly-colored things...::

"Whee!" "Woohoo!" "Whoopee!" "Oof." "Wahoo!"

Don't stop with the character designs. This is wonderful stuff.


What's scary is how much the girl looks like my adopted daughter...

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