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(no subject)

The courtship dance of the Waved Albatross is oddly adorable.

No, really!

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I want to be a Blue Footed Boobie

I love how they'll be doing that mad nibble thing to each other's beaks, and then suddenly draw back with beaks posed in fully-open mode. And that weird cry near the end.

That was cute! *thumpata thumpata thumpata, comes up for air, thumpata thumpata thumpata* "HAAAAWOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNK!"

That was really cool. And adorable.

You're right. That is adorable. It probably shouldn't be, and I can't say why it is. It just is.



I think one of the best parts is going to be watching people try to onomatopoeize that call near the end in these comments.

That was adorable!

It put me firmly in mind of an elaborate Victorian dance, with its odd postures and gestures.

Though I doubt the Victorians ever incorporated a robust "HRAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOONGAAH!" into their dances.

And yes, onomatopoeization is fun. :)

No, the robust "HRAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOONGAAH!" was sold from under the counter at certain well-known seedy stores.

That is so oddly adorable!

And people wonder why I love birds so much.

Heee, I just saw a documentary on the Galapagos islands featuring the waved albatross - lots of kissy-beaks and then they just have to take a break to go wide-open-beak YAY! :D

Awww, nostalgia trip!

I went to the Galapagos when I was a kid, and we didn't see albatross courtship dances, but we did see a mom and a baby.

I think the baby was about as big as I was, come to think. He looked ridiculous, a bit like Baby Huey except with stray feathers everywhere. :)

I've seen this on TV before and it *is* weirdly adorable.

My God, they look like Muppets.

I've seen this exact courtship dance before, actually. It's common in Japanese restaurants when the food is taking too long.

Your blog is so strange sometimes...

I'm sitting here listening to you on a podcast that's discussing sex crimes while watching blue-footed boobies doing a mating dance.

It IS!

Oh man. Brilliant.

I was going to say that's silly beyond reason, that there's really no evolutionary reason for the dance to go that way... but then humans do equally stupid courtship behaviours too, so nevermind :D

I would think that human courtship behaviors are far stupider.

They look like they are fencing! En garde!

And just when you thought man was responsible for every obnoxious sound effect on earth, it turns out Nature made a jackhammering noise way before NYC's Department of Transportation.

Leopard Slugs are better.

I mean, provided you like pretty mating rituals, or want to know what it would look like watching aliens breed.

That had to be the single most weird thing I have ever seen. The male parts that came out under from under their heads were... interesting... a pretty color, I'll admit. But yes. That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

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