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(no subject)

About forty-five minutes to go time. I'm getting stage-fright.

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Did I miss something?

Oh you'll be fine. You have enough rabid fans that they will think anything you say is genius.

Just imagine your audience as hamsters

I though she was the wombat (hypothetically)

There can be more than one wombat.

Oh! Or naked mole rats!

I think we're just getting weird now...

hamsters in kinky underwear! far more humorous than normal people in kinky underwear..... *goes to log in and up ursulas stress quotient*

There's a reason I'm Producer, so I can enjoy the suffering of my anchors.

That said, I start prepping my software and layout two hours before the show, double check my notes (you have some notes scribbled, yes?) and begin locking down the hatches.

Sanity, it's for other people.

It'll be cool. When you babble, people will find it either deeper than you meant, or just very entertaining. Possibly both.

You'll be fine. :) Better then fine, I have faith. Awesome, in fact.

If there is any doubt, you did awesome.

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