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(no subject)

I survived! It was rambling and strange and I haven't had so many boob jokes made about me in the last five years, but it was a lot of fun anyway. (Squid's a dear friend, and in his own diabolical and perverse way, good for my ego.)

And if they can't get their regular anchor on next week, I may be back to be traumatized again.

Thanks to the people who called in/logged in/etc!

Although next time, I gotta find somewhere else to call from than an abandoned tennis court. I have to pace when I talk or my brain shut down, but a two hour show is REALLY hard on my feet.

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As someone who'd never heard of TalkCasts before, this was a first for me. I was a little worried when that guy started talking about raw oysters, but despite that, it was rather awesome. In fact, I think I will tune in next week.

And nice job, by the way! You were funny. :)

Thanks! I'm glad we could entertain you. Do come back next week; I'll try and maintain our level of madness.

Not hard with this crew. ;)

You were great to have on, Ursula. :)

OH! You! Dude, I...needed the icon to make the connection, apparently. YOU! Right. Hi!

I just KNEW you could do it! Way to go!

You got some high density insanity going on there. Nice!
You need a hammock or something to call from next time.

Was fun having you, and we're totally making out RIGHT NOW . You're welcome to call in anytime you know.

We are? Uh, I hope it's good for you...*grin*

I missed it. Is there somewhere I can download it?

http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=33899 has the episode already up, and both downloadable and streamable, your choice!

If I ever get to a con, I will use these instructions. (And I do plan to... Sometime... Now that I need not pester a parent into taking me.) XD

I haven't had so many boob jokes made about me in the last five years

Really? My friends make boob jokes about me constantly...

Really? My friends make boob jokes about me constantly…

Show up on the show next week and I’ll be more than happy to make frequent and approving references to your boobs. I’m generous that way!

I think you sounded fine. ;-]

That sounds like great fun. I wouldn't have had any idea what to say to so many people commenting on my rack; I think you showed great grace under pressure.

Once you hit DDD, ya learn. Trust me. *nods sagely*

You wheren't kidding when you said it was bitter, and odd... and I'm not sure it makes me wanna go to a con or avoid cons*, perhaps go to a con wih a bucket of holy water and a metal cross just in case


* But I'm pretty sure I want to avoid weird podcast in the future, sorry squiddy, just not my sense of humour..

and of course, since I have this tendency to subconsciously assume people are their avatars, even if i know it's generally not the case, I'll forever imagine you as a platypus with a speech synthesizer....

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I listened for a while and you sounded awesome, Urs! So, any chance I can get in on that boob joke thing? The guys I work with all seem to think it's offensive or something. Talk about a let down. ;)

I’m more than happy to promote and produce references to your breasts with absolutely no cost to you, the consumer!

Merely provide me with a sample from which to work and I can fashion custom-crafted boob jokes for every conceivable purpose.

Considering that you just posted about squid and boobs the other day, I'm not sure what you expected!

Ey, you walked back and forth on a tennis court for two hours? Pfft, I've been walking back and forth on a cobbled quay for +6 hours/day, for the last five days, and for the very first of those day I walked for about ten hours!
(Been volunteering at the Tall Ships' Races here in Stockholm. That long first day earned me a blister on a toe that caused me to walk on the outside of my left foot for the rest of the days. No good.)

This comment was brought to you by the very sore feet of Sofia Alexandra. X[

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