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(no subject)

Hey, was that signed copies of Digger 3 going on sale?

I think it was!

...which are now sold out.

And unsigned too, for when they run out...

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Already waiting for the minute they go on sale!

shipping D:

I'm in Canada, and they want almost 18 bucks to ship it. I love your work, but that seems...excessive. Do you know why there's only one shipping option?

*nods* I came across the same thing and I'm really torn. Got the first two signed and would really like this one but with the shipping about the same price as the book - before exchange rate and border fees - I'm not sure. I mean if the money were going to you even I'd feel better about it. I dunno. The mail system is kinda convoluted as a whole these days.

Well the good news is that when I caved and ordered I still did a happy dance! :3 This means the book is still worth the cost with shipping. Hoorah!

(Some times you don't know for sure until after the reaction has happened.)

Re: shipping D:

USPS international shipping rates went up (sharply) not too long ago, and are now fairly blatantly gouging. You'll notice if you order multiple items that the added cost per item is fairly reasonable; it's just the base charge that's offensively high.

It is disappointing to see that Sofawolf still aren't offering UPS / FedEx / other international carriers, though. Not only are they faster, but these days they also tend to be cheaper than the USPS. (Also, you still can't see shipping charges without actually creating an account - but that may be an osCommerce limitation, and anyway, I've complained about it before.)

 -- Tarquin (hah! got in fast enough to place an order this time!)

Re: shipping D:

Well, I wouldn't want to go with a private shipping service, actually, I get violated by customs and duties in that case. The Canadian just can't win!

I bought it anyway, after waffling for about twenty minutes. And I feel pretty good about that decision, actually.

No, excessive is when the postage costs more than the thing you're getting posted.

(Yes, it was.)

(Yes, of course I bought it anyway.)

Whew, got mine. Now, if only there is a missing page, and you feel guilty and want to offer everyone free sketches, and... who am I kidding, that would never happen. *grin*


And now I end up buying the signed one and the first two as well. You present a compelling sales pitch.

I did the same. Apparently, the 'hard sell' technique of Ursula's works on us. ;)

Muahahaha! No one can resist a languid "Stuff on sale..."

What's worse is you buy the first one, then realize that there's a second one, so you buy that.... and then you have to wait for the third one, which will take you all of two hours to read, and then you'll have to wait for the fourth one....


Muahaha, signed copy is mine.

...I just hope my husband doesn't try to "surprise" me with it and order it while he's at work.

...it is now 11:30 Central time (9:30 here on the west coast), and it appears that all the signed copies have sold out. How many were there?

Man, I wasn't even awake when they went on sale. I suppose if I'd checked Sofawolf prior to this they had info about when it was going to be, but.

I guess the new one gets to match the other two, oh well.

Hmmmmm, picked up a copy of the latest Digger at the Sofawolf booth at Comicon. Knowing you were not going to be there, I was wondering if they would or would not be signed. When I finish unloading the car, I shall check.

That's not fair! It went on sale and sold out BEFORE I WOKE UP!

bugger. Oh well, unsigned copy here I come. And the 31st was yesterday. Silly date line thingy.

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