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You know, I wouldn't have to keep making these posts about bra shopping if I'd stay the same damn size for more than five minutes straight.

Three months ago, or thereabouts, I bought a new bra at Victoria's Secret, where they kindly informed me that I was a 40D, probably headed towards 40C. Okay. I could handle that. Sure, you don't get the really cool bras, but at least you can buy something there, instead of being relegated to the icy hinterlands of DD. (...So...cold....)

And yeah, I've lost a little weight since then, so the looseness of said bra was no great surprise. I assumed that, as is normal in women losing weight, I'd dropped a cup size. In the course of packing, I also came to the glum conclusion that my underwear drawer is an absolute disgrace to humanity, threw out about ten pairs that should have been mercifully executed years ago, realized that my underwear shopping also hadn't kept up with my weight loss, and decided it was time to go blow some hard-earned book advance on what is euphemistically known as intimate apparel.

Off I went. Victoria's Secret is my choice for bras, because a bra is a complex beast and it is best left to the professionals. I slouched in and was accosted by a dead-eyed saleswoman. "40C?" I asked hopefully. She looked vaguely past me and waved in the direction of the back, where they keep the sizes for those of us who are more Bouguereau than Nagel. I sighed.

Once in the back, another saleswoman, much less dead-eyed, descended on me, like a blond whippet on a despairing rabbit. "What are you looking for?"

"40C?" I asked, much less hopefully.

She eyed me up and down and said "No."


"You're not a 40. There's no way you're a 40."


"Not a chance. Come on." She unslung her tape measure and hustled me into the back. "You're a...yup...36D exactly."

"...I am?" I haven't been below a 40 in years.

"Yup. Perfectly on the nose, too, not a half size or anything."

"Well, I did lose a lot of weight recently...Does this mean you have more bras that will fit me?"

"Do we ever. Here, take these...and these...and these...and this one..."

So, having apparently dropped four inches around the ribcage in three months--but not a cup size--I then spent far, far too much money on a pair of bras that actually fit. Because suddenly Victoria's Secret had a whole shit-load of stuff that fit me.

I stared in the drawers that were now my size and thought They actually make bras in colors other than white and beige?

Dude. I mean, I don't NEED leopard print or stuff with rhinestone hearts, but it's nice to know that if I felt the urge, the choice is there!

(Mind you, in another few months, I'll probably be back there shopping again, but wow. Divorce is one HELL of a diet plan.)

You did actually lose cup size as well, because the letters are relative to the ribcage. There's more volume in a 40D cup than a 36D cup.

Oh, interesting. I did not know this!

Despite being a guy I actually happen to be very familiar with Victoria Secret's inventory. I do inventory work and we've done our local VS stores a number of times .. and yes, dropping below size 40 REALLY expands on your choices there.

(Deleted comment)
Trust me, it's no fun from the other end either.

Nobody in the bra industry (aside from sportsbra makers who are nicely agnostic) seems to believe that 36A exists either, or if we do, we must surely want a nice big underwire and a lot of padding to make ourselves seem larger. Because of COURSE what *every* woman wants is to have breasts large enough to cause traffic accidents and backache...

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I'm jealous. I recently lost a full pant size, and my bra size went up. 42DD is bad enough when you're looking for normal underwear, but when you're trying to hunt down a wedding-suitable strapless bra? Set me on fire now, please.

I swear, I've ranted to more people about my bustline in the months since I got asked to be a bridesmaid than I have in the rest of my life combined. I feel like I need a permanent TMI disclaimer.

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I love Victoria's Secret! I finally caved and got a sizing last time I went in, and found out I've been so wrong for way too long....and now I have bras that fit me and feel good. My only real issue with them is they don't carry much by way of full coverage bras, and I need those because I bend over a lot at my job (yay bookstore), so if I'm wearing something like a demi-cup my breasts slowly work their way out.

I'm so glad they don't make every single bra padded, either. 36C is entirely too busty for my body as it is without slapping on layers of padding. Seems like a couple of years ago when I was shopping for a bra everything was padded. Glad that craze is over and done with.

Without trying to be offensive, I have to say that a busty bookstore employee with that sorta problem is the stuff nerd fantasies are made of.

Yeah the VS lady I saw a week ago tried to tell me I was a 36D and my jaw dropped. I've NEVER been a D in my life and when I tried one one I decided she was insane or had a metric tape measurer or something. Cause D is WAY too big on me. lol. Although it was nice to drop from a 38 to a 36.
I love VS, but I can never leave that store under $100.

Bra sizes are weird. The actual size of your boobs did, indeed, change between a 40D and a 36D, because the size of the cups on a 36D is smaller than the size of the cups on a 40D. That's why sometimes, if you're between sizes, they'll suggest going up or down a strap size but not up or down a cup size, even if the change is in the cup measurement.

Yes, I've changed bra sizes quite frequently in my life. Why do you ask?

While I'm one of those whose cups runneth over not, I, um, congratulate you for your increased variety of choice in boob support.

Hey, while you're there, maybe you could suggest sommat patterned with squids! :D

Teasing me is not fair game. :P

(Deleted comment)
She is so full of crap. 36D is what I find the most of, almost as much as 34C.

I've met some wonderfully helpful and lovely VS clerks, and one absolute bitch. I had one girl sniff, rudely tell me I was a 40DD (my previous size), and stalk off after I let slip that I'd lost a bunch of weight and wasn't sure of my size anymore. Uh, no....?

After much bra-trying, I found I'm actually either a 34D or a 36C. :P

*laughs* Oh man, 36D... you know you've entered the Male Fantasy Realm now, don't you?

I love bra shopping but I've had some Serious Problems too... my boobs don't really shrink in proportion to the rest of me, so I have to try finding bras in 32D. AHAAHAAHAAAA! Not a chance. Apparently small midget-like shortass women like me aren't meant to have boobs?

*laugh* I'm still a lot chunkier than most of the women presented as male fantasies, but I'll take what I can get...

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I was so happy when a friend of mine informed me that I could not possibly be a B, and to buy a bloody C cup. Sweet busty goddess of chest pillows was I happy to not have to stuff my poor ladies into a cup too small! (Although, like most clothing, I wish manufacturers would all decide on one sizing chart...I have a 40B bra from Lane Bryant whose cups are so big they threaten to engulf my armpits!)

Although, like most clothing, I wish manufacturers would all decide on one sizing chart.

No *joke*. There oughta be a law. o.O

... oddly enough, I picked myself up some 36D's just the other day...

Life's too short for cheap bras.

Then again, wouldn't you rather have one of these?

Dude, you'd have to do a back bend just to provide an appropriate typing surface! And you can't tell me that's ergonomic!

Vickie's is expensive, but I think it's worth it. Although I really don't have any interest in wearing underwear with cutesy sayings across the butt, when I can find something that doesn't look like it was stolen from the sorority lingerie drawer I'm very happy with it. Other brand bras I've bought have stretched out or the wires have sprung, but my ten-year-old VS bras are still in fine shape.

I rarely buy anything in the store anymore, though. Write down the style and size (and different styles fit differently, so try them on in the store first!) and then hit up the website. There's always a sale, and almost always something on clearance. Sometimes the only color you can get is bubblegum-pink with embroidery that says "juicy," but sometimes they have colors that wouldn't embarrass you should someone else see. Their semi-annual sale (around Christmas, and in the summer) usually has some pretty good deals.

Must have been a bra shoppin kind of day

I hit Walmart for some stupid stuff and they had bras on sale cheap!
40DDD here...

i am not so sure this makes me happy
my hubby is THRILLED though

Re: Must have been a bra shoppin kind of day

Boob twin! x)

Although I'm 4'11"-ish, so I get a good bit of stares.