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You know, I wouldn't have to keep making these posts about bra shopping if I'd stay the same damn size for more than five minutes straight.

Three months ago, or thereabouts, I bought a new bra at Victoria's Secret, where they kindly informed me that I was a 40D, probably headed towards 40C. Okay. I could handle that. Sure, you don't get the really cool bras, but at least you can buy something there, instead of being relegated to the icy hinterlands of DD. (...So...cold....)

And yeah, I've lost a little weight since then, so the looseness of said bra was no great surprise. I assumed that, as is normal in women losing weight, I'd dropped a cup size. In the course of packing, I also came to the glum conclusion that my underwear drawer is an absolute disgrace to humanity, threw out about ten pairs that should have been mercifully executed years ago, realized that my underwear shopping also hadn't kept up with my weight loss, and decided it was time to go blow some hard-earned book advance on what is euphemistically known as intimate apparel.

Off I went. Victoria's Secret is my choice for bras, because a bra is a complex beast and it is best left to the professionals. I slouched in and was accosted by a dead-eyed saleswoman. "40C?" I asked hopefully. She looked vaguely past me and waved in the direction of the back, where they keep the sizes for those of us who are more Bouguereau than Nagel. I sighed.

Once in the back, another saleswoman, much less dead-eyed, descended on me, like a blond whippet on a despairing rabbit. "What are you looking for?"

"40C?" I asked, much less hopefully.

She eyed me up and down and said "No."


"You're not a 40. There's no way you're a 40."


"Not a chance. Come on." She unslung her tape measure and hustled me into the back. "You're a...yup...36D exactly."

"...I am?" I haven't been below a 40 in years.

"Yup. Perfectly on the nose, too, not a half size or anything."

"Well, I did lose a lot of weight recently...Does this mean you have more bras that will fit me?"

"Do we ever. Here, take these...and these...and these...and this one..."

So, having apparently dropped four inches around the ribcage in three months--but not a cup size--I then spent far, far too much money on a pair of bras that actually fit. Because suddenly Victoria's Secret had a whole shit-load of stuff that fit me.

I stared in the drawers that were now my size and thought They actually make bras in colors other than white and beige?

Dude. I mean, I don't NEED leopard print or stuff with rhinestone hearts, but it's nice to know that if I felt the urge, the choice is there!

(Mind you, in another few months, I'll probably be back there shopping again, but wow. Divorce is one HELL of a diet plan.)

Do a lot of women actually *like* Victoria's Secret? I know guys like the thought that a woman shops there, as opposed to say, Kohls or something, but my experiences there have just been -awful-.

The workers there have just been highly unfriendly to me and the bras have been similarly terrible... part of it may be that I have somewhat sloped shoulders and I like a bra where the straps connect in the middle of the back, which is a style (according to them) that they just don't carry much of. They did have one that did that but it was one of those "amazing" ones where you could -adjust- it to be like that which would have been fine if it didn't spontaneously unlatch/readjust itself throughout the wearing.

I've had some rather heated words with my fiance, who'd rather I shopped there... for his sake I'd like to believe that these people are something other than bratty fashonistas with no care for feminine comfort, but that just hasn't been my experience at all.

I hate underwire bras, and I hate foam-lined bras, and the last time I was in VS, all their stuff was one, the other, or both. On the other hand, I like their panties, and they were having a bit of a sale, so I got new underwear.

Oh, and I also dislike lace on my bras. I'm horribly picky. I'm currently wearing a Sears brand that's probably discontinued, for teenagers (it comes in S, M, and L. I can manage M or L). They always discontinue bras I like. Always.

Note that my hatred of underwire, foam lining, and lace does not extend to those who wear them. All the more bras for you gals. I'll just sulk because there're none for me. O:(

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If I may be so bold as to suggest, the Jockey bras (I pick the slightly-padded ones) have excellent fit and are a fair bit cheaper than VS.

ugh! I'm so jealous! Being preggers n' all has skyrocketed the girls from a 40D to a 40DD.

Oddly, I've only gained 10lbs since it all began and I'm 9 mos pregnant, too.

You know, I'm surprised that your blog doesn't have more teenage nerd boys fluttering about it with all this naughty, naughty talk. *L*

Well, there are the people asking for pics in some of these other comment threads...

They actually make bras in colors other than white and beige?

Yes, and for extremely busty women, too. The problem is that you have to buy them in pounds or Euros (which gets *very* expensive, *very* fast), because American companies don't seem to want to carry such a wide range of sizes, when they can just convince 70% of women to wear the wrong side that they *do* sell.

But in case you ever need it -- whether it's going up a back size or just getting extra up front -- Bravissimo is quite a lovely place to buy from, and they're quite reasonable about women who have to make overseas orders. And they've developed a line of shirts that are cut to account for D-cup or better curves!

Hmm, that might almost be worth it just to order a decent swim suit...

And they mocked me for making frequent reference to your rack! Ha! I am prescient!

Tragically, it appears so.

This thread is useless without pictures!

(Oh, wait, wrong forum. My bad)

"Pics or it didn't happen!"

Oh, wait, that's 4chan ...

Divorce is one HELL of a diet plan.

I've never tried that, but having all four wisdom teeth removed at once worked pretty well for me.

i found mono to work pretty effectively as well. 20 lbs and i went from a size 12 pant to a size 6. though i did feel that death would be a fair compromise for the amount of pain i was in at the time...

...I don't NEED leopard print...
No one really needs leopard print (well, except maybe leopards), but sometimes it just fits the situation so well... =P

welcome to the land of 36D. the bras are sweet, but credit card bill can be very bitter....

i highly recommend the 5/$25 pink panties, esp the hipster ones.

Mm, the hipster ones are so comfortable.

man i wish divorce had worked to help me lose weight....

I have gone from a 46DDD to a 40 DD in the past years, however. Heart troubles = great reason to lose weight!

I think I'll pass on the divorce diet! XD
Especially since I'm not married, lol..

I WISH I could get smaller. By the end of the day I feel like I've got a small child slung around my neck...

I swear, I gain a bra size every two years or so...and I was doing this even before I put on about 25 lbs. I'm ok with being big...it would just be nice to know that I'm not getting any bigger.

And also, as to the small child bit...that's how I felt the last time I tried on a halter top bikini. and it was damn cute, too.

So, having apparently dropped four inches around the ribcage in three months--but not a cup size-


That's the way to lose weight.

I have to order over the internet, because I'm a 34D, and apparently bra makers (or store stockers) don't believe people with my particular measurement exist.

Of course, I gave up measuring the standard way a long time ago (all that measuring and then subtracting and adding and stuff) because it never worked for me; I'd always come out as a 34A or 34B, which is ludicrous.

So I started just trying on crap, and eventually got an understanding of what makes a bra fit, which, apparently, most women don't know. BUT I DO. I have bra fitting clinics with my friends. XD

But I sympathise about the years of not finding anything but ugly horrors in your size. I have that problem. "What is this? A pond skimmer?"

Just so, sadly.